£100 outfit from Zara

We are starting a new series on the blog. It is high street stores inspired because they are so popular here in the UK and have such a great variety at a price that won’t make your wallet cry. So we are going to pick an outfit, not more expensive than £100, from each of these high street stores.

First stop was Zara. I already told you in this post some of my tricks when it comes to buying from Zara, but the most important one of all would be to go to the stores that are not in central London…or center of any city really. Especially if you are buying in a city where there are a lot of tourists. The central stores are most often overcrowded and messy whereas the ones from the periphery are better organised and you can see the products better.

Honestly, when we set ourselves this challenge we did not have everything well thought through, so the rules are quite flexible still. The price of the outfit is no more than £100 but it does not include accessories in this case. However we did manage to buy a shirt, a playsuit and shoes. Next time we might skip the shoes and go for accessories better because I think probably shoes are the most versatile items in our wardrobes so we can replace them easily in any outfit.

First of all,I did not receive as many compliment as I received for this outfit on any other outfit I’ve put together. I think the combination is easy to do, it’s just not something I would have thought of wearing at a first glance in my wardrobe. It has something playful about it because of the pussy bow shirt, but the tweed makes it look elegant and probably much more expensive than it is. Paired with flat shoes, and my choice were these studded loafers, the outfit can be quite chic casual.


1. The shirt

I am all about transparency and puff sleeves, but what caught my eye about this shirt, was the pussy bow. It does give me Gossip Girl vibes when I wore it as a bow, but for a more elegant and mature effect, you can tie it as a long scarf. The front part is doubled so in case you don’t really want to wear a bra with this shirt, you don’t have to and nothing will show. However, the sleeves and the back are see-through. One thing that I did not expect about this shirt is to be this hot. And I don’t mean sexy…that I did expect:) I mean, the moment the sun came out, I started boiling in it so it’s not really a top to wear when the weather is still transitioning.

Zara outfit | Miss Casual


2. The playsuit

Growing up and watching the Chanel shows, I learned that tweed is synonymous with elegance. But also, I associated it with a grown woman so for years I thought that it is not for me yet. However, it’s either that I started loving it or that I am now that grown woman I imagined then that would wear tweed. When it comes to this playsuit though, I think there is no age limitation due to the fun colour combination. This playsuit though comes with a trick – it actually has shorts and not a skirt which I suppose makes it a skort but the warp style from kind of hides this detail.

Zara outfit | Miss Casual

3. The shoes

I love heels, I really do, but with flats is an entire different story. We have a few years long relationship and mutual respect. Except those few friendships marked with blood the first times I wore them, flats are usually easy. However, I do like it when my flats are spiced up with some bad ass looking elements like studs in this case. These studs are far from the Balenciaga ones so no fear here. They are even smaller than the Valentino style ones, these are just perfect to make the loafers more interesting without making them hard to match. Because of the very low heel and thin sole though, I would not suggest wearing these loafers if you’re exploring a new city.

Zara outfit | Miss Casual

How do you like this outfit? Would you wear it as a casual one or would you make it more elegant? I loved this challenge so for sure we’ll be doing it again plus, there are so many other high street brands to explore. Which one would you like me to do next?

You might have noticed that I posted this on Monday. Because Sunday is usually our day for shootings, we decided to keep that day exclusively for that so that Monday and Thursday will be the days for posting.

Zara outfit | Miss Casual

Zara outfit | Miss Casual

Zara outfit | Miss Casual


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