Wanderlust – To Bournemouth in good company

I am always so excited to have my parents and friends visiting in London. It brings me tremendous pleasure to walk them around the city, showing them my favourite places, while of course, watching their reactions.

I don’t often invite friends over because it’s not the most convenient country to come to – it’s not a two hours drive. It most often is a 3 hours flight with the two hours extra that you have to wait in the airport and for those who don’t have an airport in their city, the hours add up. Then in London, from the airport where we live is another hour. I feel tired just thinking about this trip. However, I do try to let them know that whenever they decide to come to London, we’ll have an extra bed for them.

I am actually writing this post because my parents are visiting us right now. By the time this post goes live, they’ll be on a plane home. I am keep telling them that visits this short should be illegal, but still, we want to make the best of it.

As they have been to most tourist attractions, this time we wanted to take them outside of London, to the Ocean (which is actually the English Channel) – so Bournemouth it is!

From here, I leave you with a story in pictures. It is the first time I choose to do it like this, but I’m a very visual person and I thought I’d do something different for all the other visuals out there.



From London


korean food | miss casual
First things first – Korean food
London | miss casual
Of course I had to take Mom to VS…Dad was too shy to come in:))


bournemouth | miss casual
A good size for a throne
bournemouth | miss casual
Future post sneak peek
bournemouth | miss casual
Model colleagues no. 1
bournemouth | miss casual
The one who’s always late :))
bournemouth | miss casual
Mermaid on the sea shore pose
bournemouth | miss casual
10 minutes before the rain sent us home



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