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The countdown to Christmas has started: we only have one week left. Yuppi! Wait, what are we wearing on Christmas Eve, do we have enough presents for everybody, what makeup look should we do? This time, I can help you with the last part. I promised you I will do a beauty related post because I haven’t done one in ages I feel like, and having such a good occasion and such a nice palette on hand, I just had to. You’ll have three makeup looks to choose from: a more natural one, a warm rusty toned one and for the most daring, a smokey galaxy one.

This is one of the palettes that I have seen numerous Youtube tutorials on, and I was on the hunt for it for a while, but being an American brand, it takes some time for it to be available in the UK. Then, I completely forgot about it until Daniela has gifted it to me. You can’t imagine how I jumped up and down, I was that happy. I almost wanted to close  myself in a room and just stare and swatch the palette. The one that I am talking about is the Jaclyn Hill palette from Morphe that, if you are from the UK, you can find on Cult Beauty.

This is such a versatile palette, with a good proportion of matte and metallic eyeshadows. Most colours are warm-toned which is what I prefer anyways, but you do have a few cool-toned eyeshadows that look surprisingly good on most skin tones I saw them used on. I am still enthusiastic about this palette and want to use it as much as possible, so I thought, what better time to challenge myself to do 3 very different makeup looks for Christmas or any other party, with the Morphe palette.

1. The neutral makeup look

This is for the ladies who maybe meet their future mother in law on Christmas Eve. If I sound like I am talking from experience, that is exactly what I do. Two years ago I moved to London, and on Christmas Eve, I met Paul’s entire family: mother, father, 3 sisters, 3 brothers in law, 2 nephews. Not intimidating at all…so the last thing we want on such a night is to think about what they think about our makeup look. Does this make sense?

This is the prefect time to play it safe. Even if you are not in this situation, but you are on the hunt for some inspiration and you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup but you do want something simple and fairly easy to do, I’ve got you, girl! This is your neutral makeup look.

IMG_5945 final blog

2. The Fire place makeup look

This is a look that I have not planned ahead, I just knew I wanted to do something warm-toned. With all the red toned palettes that have come out lately, I feel like we start being less and less intimidated by red. Something that helps me, because I do tend to look pink so my first though is that I would never do something to enhance that, I take good care that my foundation and bronzer are even and flattering. After this, I can bath in red…oh, sorry, this sounds just a bit weird…I guess it’s all the vampire series that have been out for the past years.

Back to the makeup look, this one does look considerably more colourful than the first, but to me, nothing says holiday and coziness more than a fire place. Plus, if you have hazel eyes, the red makes your eyes look lighter or at least that’s what is happening with mine.

IMG_7017 final blog

3. The Galaxy makeup look

I love doing smokey, pigmented eyeshadow looks. I know this is not everybody’s cup of tea, like I rarely drink tea, but can talk about coffee, but just once in life, promise me you’ll give it a try. The inspiration for this makeup look was the palette itself. Jaclyn Hill has chosen a few dark velvet vibrant colours that I love staring at, but I feel intimidated wearing them on their own. All of them together, on the other hand…I am not intimidated to wear.

If you are in a playful mood, or are into vibrant but dark colours, this is your look. Would I wear it to this year’s Christmas party with Paul’s family? Probably not, but I will wear it in our nocturnal photo shoots. Still the important part is not whether I’d wear it, it is if you would?

IMG_6999 final blog

Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite one of these three Christmas makeup looks. It is not necessary that you use this eyeshadow palette that I did to accomplish them, but I know it’s been a very popular choice and it’s still in stock. So if you do own it, I hope I have you some cute ideas on how to use it further.

Colouful kisses!

christmas makeup / jaclyn hill morphe / miss casual
christmas makeup / jaclyn hill morphe / miss casual
christmas makeup / jaclyn hill morphe / miss casual


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