4 makeup looks with Too Faced – Chocolate Gold Palette

If you’ve been around for the past few weeks, you already know that we did a challenge in which Paul, my fiance, had to buy me makeup from Too Faced. There were no limits except the financial one and I was tremendously surprised that he didn’t go with his usual crazy choices, but had what I might like in mind.

I must say that I consider it to be a success since I love all the products he bought and now, the Chocolate Gold Palette and the Sweetie Pie Bronzer are something that I use on a daily basis.

As promised, I am showing you a few of the makeup looks I did with the Chocolate Gold Palette. Some will be totally wearable, some will be more appropriate for evening and the one that Paul did on me, will not be for the faint of heart, let’s just put it like this.

We had so much fun yet again, when he did my makeup and I must say that for how technical he is, this time he was outstandingly creative with his gold craziness. I might steal some of his ideas for the future. He said he didn’t buy me crazy coloured makeup (this time), but he won’t be as conventional with the makeup look he created…well, he kept his promise. Be gentle with him in the comments, it’s literally the first time he uses a brush for this purpose.

IMG_6042 final

IMG_6034 final

Even though the possibilities are endless when it comes to this palette, I am only showing you a few of the makeup looks I did. One is perfect for any eyes colour because it’s a bronze…you might get bored of me showing you my coppery-bronze looks, but I find myself drawn to them the most. Then, for a little twist that works miracles for hazel eyes, I added a wash of green in between my lower lashes so that it will show off the colour of the eyes even more.

IMG_6137 final

IMG_6135 final

The other makeup look is a soft glam one that if you keep quite monochromatic, as I did in these pictures, you can easily wear it over the day, but if you add a bit more black or maybe another colour as the over the lid one, this will literally be my go-to evening look.

IMG_6364 final

IMG_6355 final

Than with Valentine’s Day at our doors, I couldn’t leave out the pink halo eyes. It’s actually the first time I wore a bright pink on my eyes and I had no idea that it could actually suit me, but I walked around central London with this makeup look and didn’t feel out of place.

IMG_6370 final

IMG_6382 final

I enjoy doing makeup looks with a theme in mind or even this kind, makeup looks that you can do with one palette, but I want to know if you enjoy these? Do you want more makeup looks, let me know!

The giveaway is still available until the 11 of March, so if you want to sign up for it, I’ll leave the link below

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