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Now this is something that I almost never wear in the summer, but wear almost the entire season of autumn: a maxi dress. When the change of season takes me by surprise and I can’t yet get myself to bundling up under layers of layers of clothes, I am usually cheating with a maxi dress. I especially prefer the ethnic look when it comes to them, I believe these ones suit the season the best.

When I was little and in school, we always had to do creative essays about autumn. I remember that absolutely all of us had to mention the change in the colour of the leaves, how they sounded under our feet, the smell of dry leaves, the shorter days and so on. Then a big part in the essay would be about food. The biggest part actually was about the food…and the fruits. And grandmas know best that with fresh fruits come a lot of cakes. It used to be divine. Not as nice as Christmas was, but autumn through the eyes of a child did have a bit of magic.

All that is real and we can experience it right here and now, but another part of reality is that the weather is unpredictable. We need to add layers of clothes to keep warm. So I go back to the maxi dress. What better way to hide layers of warm boring clothes, than underneath a beautiful bohemian maxi dress? You can easily put on a pair of tights, wear over the knee boots, a leather jacket, a turtle neck sweater, even a chunky sweater on top with maybe a belt to accentuate your waist. It is really surprising how I would almost never consider wearing a maxi dress during the summer but when autumn comes, I am all about them.

Another thing about autumn: for me, just like spring, is the time for re-invention. I feel like I have more time to catch up with everything, I start doing all of the things I thought of during during summer when I was too busy to, time to reflect and time to cook. This last one is a very new subject for me – thank you Tasty for all the time spent together:)

I was mentioning that autumn is the time when I dare doing those things I thought about so much previously. A year ago, after months and months of doubt, we started the blog. We have already been taking Instagram pictures on a regular basis, but I had doubts that anybody would be interested in anything I wrote. But then I was encouraged to continue by people like you, who do read my blog. A big thank you.

It is not time for Thanks Giving yet and we don’t really celebrate it over here, but that is exactly how I feel during autumn, grateful for all the thing that happened and the people I have around…and grateful for the existence of maxi dresses that allow me to layer an entire tent underneath if I wanted to.

Wine stained kisses!

Zara maxi dress // bohemian dress // hampstead pergola london // miss casual

Zara maxi dress // bohemian dress // hampstead pergola london // miss casual

Zara maxi dress // bohemian dress // hampstead pergola london // miss casual

Zara maxi dress // bohemian dress // hampstead pergola london // miss casual

DRESS – Zara

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