A day in London

You would not believe how different a sunny day in London is from a gloomy one. Before living here, I did not understand the obsession with the weather, but after a few months, I started feeling it on my own skin. Let’s just say that the vitamin D deficiency is a common thing over here.

Lately, however, we’ve been lucky enough to have a beautiful weather and together with it, is seemed like everybody’s mood took a plunge in the right direction. The moment the weather in London is sunny and even just slightly warm, people start smiling more, giving way to other to pass, which if you’ve taken the tube long enough, you know it’s a big deal. My favourite part though, is the way people dress: you start seeing colour, and now I am not referring to pastels, but to bright neon orange, chartreuse, bubble pink and so on. It’s a bliss! I’ve told you before that London is the perfect place for people watching because there is so much diversity in any way or form.

When we go out shooting, we usually wake up either at 5.30 or 6. It’s most likely that by 7, I am wearing a full face of makeup and sometimes glitter, but a constant is that we are always so excited to go out, explore London and take pictures of it.

This time we went to a place where we took pictures before, but wanted to explore a bit more – South Bank. We would walk along the Thames with out eyes wide open, taking in the scenery and always looking for that perfect shot. This time we went on a Bank Holiday and up until 10 in the morning, it was so quiet. After 10, people started coming – it was one of the sunniest and warmest days of the year so far so everybody wanted to recharge their vitamin D reservoirs and what better place than South Bank with the Theater and the cute cafes?

I am leaving you with some pictures from that day, but I have to warn you, you might be craving for bubble tea after seeing them! 🙂


London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual


T-shirt – Stradivarius (similar)

Trousers – Stradivarius


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