A Peggy Porschen kind of Sunday

Looking out the window today (Monday), it’s so hard to believe that only yesterday, the so called “Tropical Blow” brought such a sunny, warm weather to London. It was a bliss! After such a gloomy winter, spring was beginning to give us hope of arrival, when today the weather just went back to it’s typical Britishness. For you who live here, I hope you made the most of it and recharged some of your vitamin D supplies because we most certainly did!

As always when I am off during the weekends, we woke up quite early and went shooting outfits. A few weeks ago, around 10 am, we went to the Peggy Porschen Bakery/Cafe, hoping to get our caffeine kick and of course, some pictures because as you might know by now, this is one of the most Instagrammed places in London. We were not the only ones who had this idea unfortunately because there were at least 10 people standing in line, waiting to be seated so we gave up, but put this on our to do list.

It so happened that I was not working this Sunday and it was the most magical spring day to kick off with a coffee at Peggy Proschen’s Cakes. After I watched my favourite influencers taking their pictures in front of the Cafe, I thought I will feel like I have burnt the place, but I couldn’t be further from the truth. I was as enthusiastic as a kid gets on Christmas. I felt so inspired to take lots of pictures, to take in the sun and the slow pace of a Sunday morning. The place is the cliche that all of us were dreaming about when we were little…but I still enjoyed it with all my heart. Everything is pink, girly and they put so much attention into the details. I can’t tell you anything about how their cakes taste because I am dairy intolerant and they didn’t have anything for me so Paul had to sacrifice himself and eat the cakes that you see in the picture, but I can tell you that they look yummi. He actually joked about the fact that I am the guilty one for him  not having a six pack. Imagine if I could really cook what jokes he would come up with.

I am officially adding this place to my own “Places where you need to take pictures in London”. If you want to see the other 10 in my top, you can find them here !


IMG_6433 final

IMG_6453 final

IMG_6428 final

IMG_6467 final

IMG_6448 final

IMG_6473 final

IMG_6407 final

IMG_6444 final

IMG_6396 final

IMG_6390 final

IMG_6475 final

Coat – Boohoo

Dress – Boohoo


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