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I have been blonde for 5/6 years now…deep down, I have been blonde all my life, but it became visible for everybody to see only a few years ago when I started with a timid balayage and then I went a bit further and predictably, now I am completely blonde. At some point I was actually silver…and was called Khaleesi or Legolas – can you guess which of the two I preferred? A few months ago though, from over colouring it, it became like the kind of sweep that you find at the countryside (not the posh countryside) and I had to cut half of it off. So if you are experiencing dry ends, tangled hair that is really hard to comb when straight out the shower, or want to grow your hair as healthy as possible, let me tell you about the Moroccanoil treatment.

I have been using it for more than a year, but heard about it for much longer than that. Moroccanoil is called a treatment, but it might as well be a styling oil if you like doing braids, or even just add shine to your hair. I use it when my hair is wet, right before drying it or I would never be able to brush my hair wet, even though it’s much shorter now. It claims that it helps your hair dry quicker…I don’t know about that because I haven’t dried my hair without it since I got it – hihi

I have tried a few argan oil based products before but because I have really oily hair, I did not make sense to me to add more oil to it. Then, my ends were still quite healthy so it didn’t dawn on me that I can use the oil only on my ends, on top of that, I’m a blonde:P. So I didn’t use an oil for the longest time, and then I discovered this one. It smells amazing, there is no questioning that, but there is so much more that it can do.

I keep on saying that it’s good for blonde hair. This is not the only hair colour that it is good for – let’s put it this way: if you have dry hair or dry ends, Moroccanoil will help you a lot to make it healthy again. Whereas your hair healthy of course depends on your hair care combination of products and I am going to tell you more about my combo, this oil will add a bit of moisture and shine, regardless.

My bottle is close to an end and I will definitely repurchase it, but if you have another hair oil/ treatment recommendation, don’t hesitate to put it in the comments below.


moroccanoil / hair treatment / hair oil / blonde hair / miss casual
Moroccanoil treatment
moroccanoil / hair treatment / hair oil / blonde hair / miss casual
Am I the only one that’s not happy to see her bottles almost empty?

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Moroccanoil Treatment Original 100ml • Moroccanoil • £32.85
Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask (250ml) • Moroccanoil • £25.45
Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil • Moroccanoil • £50
Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray (100ml) • Moroccanoil • £19.95
Moroccanoil Fleur De Rose Hand Cream 75ml • Moroccanoil • £21
Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner (250ml) • Moroccanoil • £20.25

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