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It is no secret that I love coffee. I am now at a point where I actually need coffee in the morning to turn from a grumpy cat to a decent human being:D One morning the coffee machine broke down and you can ask Paul what happened…I am to ashamed for my actions to be able to write anything about them here. We are still in Romania and Mom has made a point of pampering us…which is more than fine with me. Ah, I love being home! Food that I know and love, friends that I missed and surprisingly, new coffee: Nespresso coffee.

I never though I’ll be one of those who have their coffee come from a pod, the smell of ground coffee is part of the experience for me, but the taste is priceless. By now, I have my favourite (Master Origin Ethiopia), but it was such a delight trying out a new coffee every morning… and afternoon and even a decaff in the evening. Also, first time I saw the pod system I started thinking of all the plastic and aluminium I am using for one single time, but then I found out that they actually collect all your used pods and recycle them – win!

At some point, I made so many coffee mentions on Instagram that a friend had to tell me that she wants to hear more form me…not just about my coffee habits. Regardless, who knows me, knows how much I love it…without me mentioning it on Instagram! I promised I will make Wednesdays’ posts short so I will stop here with the amazingness of this week which, if I may mention it again is my newly discovered Nespresso coffee (salivating while writing). Thanks, Mum!

Nespresso coffee | miss casual / amazingness of the week
Nespresso coffee | miss casual / amazingness of the week

Nespresso XN100140 Inissia Coffee Machine – White • Nespresso • £89.99
BITOSSI HOME Tea and Coffee • Bitossi • £18
BITOSSI HOME Tea and Coffee • Bitossi • £18
DIESEL LIVING with SELETTI Tea and Coffee • Diesel • £30
Kitchencraft KitchenCraft Rotating Coffee Capsule Dispenser • Kitchen Craft • £15.99
Scion Spike The Hedgehog Travel Mug, Multi, 480ml • £15


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