An all red outfit

In this world with this many colours, apparently birds can see even more than we do, probably a red outfit would be one of the last ones I’d choose to wear. Why? I always thought that my skin is too pink for reds and that I could never pull it off. However, it’s still quite close to the beginning of the new year when the resolutions are still quite fresh in our minds so I thought why not challenge myself. And I did, a true life and dead challenge and red won! I am not reluctant to wear red anymore so I guess it’s more of a win-win, isn’t it?

After my adventure with red, I discovered that I preferred cooler tones of red. They did not enhance my “pinkness” and didn’t even feel like I was a walking tomato. OK, I admit that a good layer of foundation and a full face of makeup helped in the process, but those are just details.

Another key – I was tempted to say hammer – to nail a red outfit, is to play with different textures. If you scroll down and have a look at the pictures you’ll see that I matched a knit on top to a velvet slip dress. I realized that with a colour that is so strongly associated with cheesy things like passion and Valentine’s day, I needed harder textiles to match the red outfit to my personality. I red lace top wouldn’t have worked for me. Not that there is anything wrong with a red lace top, it’s just..I’m probably not that much of a bombshell. (my mirror agrees)

A red outfit also makes me think of a Tango costume and I admit that with the slip dress I went in the same direction, but the knit top brought the wearability back into the outfit. Can we agree upon the fact that this colour is an attention seeker? If you don’t agree, then why are all the “sales” banners red? Not to go unnoticed for sure.

Another one of the qualities of a red outfit is that it brings back light in a city as grey as London is. How many times did I mention how lackluster London is around this time of the year? We should do a drinking game…or not because we’ll be just as lackluster afterwards. So to brighten London up, more than the double-decker bus can, why not wear a full red outfit?

Last quality, I promise, is that it is an unapologetic colour in how it commands your attention. Weird question: if you speak to somebody who is wearing a red lipstick, how much of the time are you actually looking at the person’s eyes, and how much at her lips? (or his, let’s not discriminate)

I don’t know how much this post is going to convince you to wear red more often, not that that was my aim either, but I though it will be fun to take myself out of my comfort zone and share it…especially because I quite enjoyed wearing a full red outfit.

Can you guess what colour kisses?


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red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual
JUMPER – Stradivarius
DRESS – Topshop
red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual
red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual

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