Are we born with style?

I find myself looking through magazines – currently Harper’s Bazaar, previously Vogue and exclaim from time to time – this model has style! But then I see, at the bottom of the page the name of the stylist…which does not mean that outside of the picture that I see the model doesn’t have style. It just means that I will take the stylist’s name, type it into Instagram and have a curious look at her/his Instagram.

Being surrounded by stylish people, I am pretty sure rubs off. Looking at pictures of outfits from when I was a teenager, I quite hope that good style rubs off and that it can be learned. I would be curious to ask a stylist this question.

Did you expect me to give you an answer for this question? Than I must disappoint you and throw the ball back by asking you – what do you think? Are we born with style or is it something that we can acquire along the way?

Not that is has much to do with style, but I have been binge watching a Vogue fashion series. It is with the International Editor-at-Large, Hamish Bowles who introduces us to his favourite places to buy vintage for his almost life-long collection in the making. Even though I used to, I am not one that has the patience to go thrifting any more, but now I started understanding the charm of it so I might venture into charity shops in the hopes of finding a lost Chanel blazer. Haha, sweet dreams! Did I say how the series are called? Vintage Bowles – if you are just slightly into fashion, I guarantee that you will enjoy it.

P.S. I’d be really curious to see what you think – are we really born with style?

TOP – Stradivarius
SKIRT – Stradivarius
SHOES – Zara (similar)
style / are we born with style / chelsea / stradivarius outfit / summer outfit / uk blogger / miss casual
style / are we born with style / chelsea / stradivarius outfit / summer outfit / uk blogger / miss casual

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