Beauty Box mania

I’ve always loved the concept of a beauty box. Skincare, tools and makeup all in one cute box, in travel-friendly sizes. It’s also about the surprise of what you’ll receive each month, that if you’re not sneaky and take a peek on the site.

If you’re into testing products, a beauty box kind of subscription is the perfect way to do so. Did I mention that it’s also affordable? Ok, most of the products inside the box are not full-size, most of them are “tester-size” or travel size, but you do get the odd full size. This always left me wondering how can they do it? Sometimes the value of that single full-size product is what we pay for the entire beauty box.

How do we choose which beauty box to subscribe to? If you go on to their site, you can kind of see the style of the boxes, even get a sneek peak into the previous month’s box and see if you like what they normally choose.

I first chose Lookfantastic, but then – for the end of April, Birchbox had a promotion where they were gifting you a box when you purchased one so I tried it out also. The only thing is, I did not think I needed to cancel the renewal of the subscription since I only ordered one box and not onw of the 3/6 months options. So in the first week of May, another Lookfantastic box has arrived at my door together with the Birchbox one. I am not angry at this though, I quite like what I received in the beauty boxes but I would have wanted to have a choice about the renewal.

This been said, at the moment I will not subscribe to any other beauty box because I have a few other products that I want to try myself, but in the future, I might.

From the two beauty boxes that I tried, I actually prefer Birchbox for their more practical packaging and for me, more exciting products (aka more makeup)

Which beauty box subscription have you tried? Which one you think I should try? Keep in mind that I live in the UK so what I might have access to, you might not and the other way around.

Now, I leave you with a sneek peak into the beauty boxes I received, but this time without product reviews because there was not enough time for that, yet!



beauty box | miss casual

beauty box | miss casual

April’s box

beauty box | miss casual

May’s box

beauty box | miss casual

beauty box | miss casual

beauty box | miss casual

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