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We continue our “Best of 2018” series with makeup. I hope you liked the first part – travel as much as I did putting the post together and drooling over some amazing places. Looking back at all the makeup I discovered and wore over the past year, I remembered that I actually travelled to some of those amazing places with a few of these beauty items.

I did not write about it so much on the blog, but I am still very passionate about beauty and I still watch Youtube videos on the regular. Actually, a guilty pleasure of mine – when I have trouble sleeping, I watch makeup declutter videos and they put me to sleep without fault.

MORPHE Jaclyn Hill Palette

This was such a kind gift from Daniela in a moment that I was in a makeup rut. I had no idea what else to do with the makeup I had and make it exciting. This palette has been in my wish list for months and months, but for some reason I haven’t taken the plunge. I didn’t own anything else from Morphe so I didn’t know what quality to expect, but girl, was I surprised! I would not exaggerate to call this the jackpot palette – it’s that good. Especially when you think of the amount of product and the price- I am in awe!

christmas makeup / jaclyn hill morphe / miss casual

Too Faced – Gingerbread Spice

This was another present, this time from Paul. Can you say how much my friends know I love makeup? This palette has the cutest story: for Romanians, and I am sure that not only, on the 6th of December, St. Nicholas is bringing sweets to all houses. It’s like a small Santa Claus, that only brings sweets and fruits. Now here is the funny part- before opening my present, Paul has told me that he had difficulties finding some dairy free sweets (I am dairy intolerant) so I was expecting that he has found some vegan sweets which I usual like, except the fact that are very, very sweet. Surprise, surprise! It was the Gingerbread Spice palette- can anybody argue that it’s not something sweet? Good quality also – highly comparable with my beloved Chocolate Gold from Too Faced.

best of makeup 2018 / too faced palette / gingerbread palette / miss casual

Kat von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

And these are everlasting indeed…except if you don’t challenge them with a burger. Even on my dry lips, these stay put all day without making my lips look like raisins. These were not a new discovery, but two of these shades I wore for work so much that they almost “monopolised” my lips all year.

liquid lipsticks | miss casual

Laura Geller – Baked Gelato Swirls

These are again some highlighters that I love wearing for work where I don’t want to blind everybody. Ballerina is a bit too dark for my skin tone at the moment – I can’t wait to get tanned to wear it…and not just for the name! However, Peach Glow and Gilded Honey are my daily go-tos. Lately, I even mix them together.

best 2018 makeup / laura geller highlighter palette / highlighter | miss casual

Too Faced – Chocolate Gold palette

This is my most used palette ever. This was part of Paul’s challenge. He had to go into the Too Faced boutique in Covent Garden and buy makeup products with a budget of £100. You can see how everything went in this post, but I was amazed of how well he did. What was actually going through my mind was: wow, he actually listened to all my blabbering about makeup. After a year of using it, I still get excited every time I open this palette, it might secretly be my best of all times.

best makeup 2018 / too faced / too faced palette / chocolate gold / miss casual

Too Faced – Sweetie Pie bronzer

This is another one of the products that Paul hunted down for me in the £100 beauty challenge. At first I was confused by this products – it first says it’s matte, but I can clearly see the golden shimmer. This turned out to be an overlay that disappeared after a few uses. Another problem I had with it was: is this a bronzer, is this a blush, is this superman? It’s mostly a bronzer, but it has the most natural bronzing shade that I’ve ever found for my skin tone. This is another favourite that “monopolises” my face.

bronzer / sweet peach bronzer / best of makeup 2018 / too faced / miss casual

Similar to when I ended my Best of 2018 – travel post, I feel that this was truly a good year, a lot of beauty finds. However, I am still left wanting more and a bit curious what this year will bring. We are thinking of doing another challenge when Paul has to go and buy my makeup, he seems pretty good at that. Would you like this kind of post? Maybe with more behind the scenes on Insta Stories?

Peach kisses!

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