Black and white dresses in Paris

Most of the time, when we go out shooting an outfit, I already know what blog post I will write. This time however, the idea of the post came only after we selected and edited the pictures. I started posting on Instagram a few of the pictures that we took in Paris when I realized that I have two black and white dresses. One is a more casual newspaper print that looks like an over-sized T-shirt dress and the other one is a lace, out there, elegant design.

1. The newspaper dress | Missguided

It was the morning of our birthday when, after the “meeting” that we had with the Eiffel Tower, we returned to our hotel to get changed and go out for the second coffee of the day. From what I’ve heard, it is very Parisian to stay at a terrasse, sipping coffee and people watching so of course, when you are in Paris, you do what the Parisians do. So we picked the best table at a cafe where it seemed that locals go to, not only tourists because I’ve told you before about the tourist traps related to food and beverages.

We already had breakfast so all we needed was another coffee…or that’s what I thought because Paul apparently, had another idea. When the waitress came to take our order, Paul, in a very uncharacteristic manner took the lead and started pointing on the menu. The two coffees were easy to keep track of, however, he pointed to another thing on the menu which I did not know what it is, nor did I expect it. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the waitress bringing prosecco to go with our coffee. It was 11am! But it was our birthday also so we could do whatever we wanted to, right?

Consequently, on top of doing the very Parisian thing of people watching while sipping coffee, we were now sipping prosecco also. It might have been the coffee or it might have been the prosecco, but when I saw a lady passing by with a couple of baguettes in her hand, I knew exactly how we will photograph one of  the black and white dresses. So off we ran to buy the baguettes.

We went for a funnier vibe this time with this outfit, but from all the black and white dresses that I’ve seen before, this Missguided one told me something. Well, several things as it had a newspaper print. Needless to say that after the shooting we went to our room and devoured the two baguettes. This time I blame it on the prosecco!

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

DRESS – Missguided


2. The lace mini dress | Pretty Little Thing

This black and white lace Pretty Little Thing dress is not really what I would pick normally. But being in a new city, having things to celebrate, I though – why not? I went completely out of my comfort zone with the deep plunge neckline, but surprisingly, I did not feel as bare as I though I would. After getting over wanting to cover myself, I quite enjoyed celebrating my very little curves – thank you, ballet!

This is such a girly girl design that I was almost tempted to dress it down with boots. However, those few days that we were in Paris were scorching hot so I wore the black and white dress as it was supposed to be worn – with something to enhance it’s femininity.

Walking seemed to be the chorus of this trip because we walked almost everywhere. From where we were staying close to the Louvre Museum, we walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral. First day when we went exploring it seemed so close to us, but the day we went to shoot this outfit there…omg! it seemed like it was moving further from us. However, we did manage to get there before the big crowds came.

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

DRESS – Pretty Little Thing


Which of these two black and white dresses is your favourite? They are both comfortable dresses, maybe the first one a bit more versatile than the second one, but still beautiful.

This is the last post from Paris that I had planned so from now on, until we go travelling again and we do have something in mind, we are back in London.


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black and white dress | miss casual

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