Black dress for summer?

You already know my opinion on breaking the rules of fashion – sometimes, it’s even better if you do. However, wearing a black dress during the scorching summer months is more of a practical rule. You don’t want to be sweating in your dress from the moment you get outside until you find shelter somewhere in AC.

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve found a black summer dress that keeps you cool? It’s definitely not a bodycon, but a loose one made of a quite heavy material with ruffles that lets the wind keep you cool without flashing people on the street. Normally I would not even think about a black dress in the summer but this design that gives me the ethnic vibes, is a must try. It’s not that black either: the pattern is so colourful that it distracts you from the fact that the background of the dress is actually black.

We’re always scouting when we’re in central London, or anywhere in London really and because everyone I know is on holiday at the moment, subconsciously we found a more tropical place…as tropical as London gets. A colonial house with a big white door, huge plants to the left and right and black and white tiles – perfect for shooting a black dress.

I am having major wanderlust or how we’d say it in Romanian – my heels are burning. I want to travel so badly! My Instagram account is now full of the Revolve influencers’ trip- worth checking out but I must warn you, it might intensify any FOMO you might already have. Still, I feel like it’s time to go places. Any suggestions?

These photos were taken on the day when we went to Saint Aymes with Paul and his sisters and I might have borrowed their accessories. Both the bag and the sunglasses are courtesy of one of them and the scarf that I’ve put in my hair is something that I received from my grandmother when I was still a child. That’s what I remember at least, that I received it from her but I might have gone through her wardrobe and spotted it and then she gave it to me. I always liked the idea of having a sister or at least very close friends that you can borrow your clothes and accessories to and from. This time, it happened and they suited the black dress so perfectly. Thank you, girls!

Until Sunday…kisses!

black dress | miss casual

black dress | miss casual

black dress | miss casual

black dress | miss casual

Dress – Asos


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