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If you’ve checked out my Instagram Stories from Monday, you already know what this all is about. I have challenged Paul (my fiance) to go into the beautiful Too Faced boutique in Carnaby, that really is my favourite place to go and buy makeup. He had a limit of 100 pounds to buy me makeup he thinks I would wear and love. I was curious if he would go crazy and pick daring colours or, he would think of what I like to wear and base his purchases on that. Let me tell you one thing, when we go to buy a lipstick together, he is the kind of person who gets exited over really strange colours like navy and green, which is the reason we don’t do this challenge in Kat von D. But now, thinking of it, that might be quite fun also.

I tried to not influence him very much, I just told him to buy Insta worthy makeup and by this, I mean makeup that is really photogenic which is not difficult with Too Faced because their packaging is to die for. He exceeded the limit by a few pounds, which I expected him to do, but that being said, I was so impressed by what he chose. I waited for him outside the boutique, somewhere where I could not see what he was buying because that is how I like torturing myself. He came out with a sealed bag and I was not aloud to peek until we got home. I was curious how he found the experience and he said that he was all sweaty by the end of it…and then, of course he had to said that this was not because he was anxious or anything, but because the heater was on. Yeah, right, as if anyone would believe that.

Finally, we got home and it was time to open the bag. I couldn’t be more surprised and impressed by his choices. First thing I spotted was the Chocolate Gold palette which I swatched and used this two days in which I had it. I can’t give you a full review on it yet, because there are just this many times you can do your makeup in two days, but at a first glance, the quality of it, is the best I tried from Too Faced. It’s very smartly set up with 4 matted – 2 transitions, an ivory colour and a black – and the rest of the colours are very pigmented metallics which I couldn’t be happier about. The colours are just up my alley and because of the choice of colours and the big mirror, I am pretty sure this palette will travel a lot in the future months.

Second item I saw was the Melted Gold lip gloss. This is exactly the kind of rebel choice I was expecting from him. My skin tone does not allow me to wear this one on it’s own, but I love it as a lip topper on a burgundy or even nudes and especially in the middle of the lips, as a highlight.

Third item was the cutest ever, the Sweetie Pie Bronzer! This is what I meant Instagram worthy makeup. This bronzer is just gorgeous and I am so glad to notice that it is not as heavily scented as the Sweet Peach palette. I forgot to say about the Chocolate Gold palette that it also has that yummy cocoa scent, but a very pleasant one, not overwhelming at all. A doubt that I had when it came to this bronzer were the glittery particles that it has which luckily, I found out later that is only a gold overlay which fades after a few uses and the bronzer is actually a really healthy matte finish which I can use on my uber oily skin and it has the right amount of pigment so you won’t have to do a small workout with your brush too get any pigment on your cheeks.

Last, but not least, this is the second highlighter he buys me, the first one being Mac’s Soft and Gentle. I knew it then that he is a keeper! This one is the Diamond Light highlighter which is a very soft green-blue duochrome which looks gorgeous on the high points of the cheeks. I won’t be able to wear this at work, but other than that, it is really wearable, it only gives you a slight, very slight mermaid vibe.

All in all, I am impressed by how Too Faced as a company are evolving. I find that they always had it with their packaging but sometimes I did not like their formula. That being said, absolutely everything that I tried lately, I just love and I don’t have the easiest to please skin, but still, their products work really well on me. And yes, I am a big big fan of the packaging, I feel like keeping everything out on my vanity to stare at it.

Do let me know if you liked this kind of a challenge and if we should do some more with other brands. maybe next time we try one where Paul will make it a bit harder for me. In a week we’ll have another post with a few looks with these products so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, the post that I planned for Wednesday (today) will be delayed for Sunday because this one was just too exciting. I hope you don’t mind that.



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