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If you are not a reader outside of this blog, which makes me feel tremendously flattered, you should look up these podcasts. You know me by now, I love a good book, but lately I have opened my audio-horizons and discovered audio-books and podcasts (I first wrote podCATS – typical!)

I have been listening to Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs for a week and a half, then I felt I needed a break from Jobs. Probably many people in his life felt the same. I enjoy the biography a lot, but it does fill me with admiration and disgust at the same time, plus, a week and a half is a lot for me to be kept away from any fashion talk.

I usually listen, yes listen to Drink with James on Youtube, but when my tube goes underground, I lose connection so I am left with nothing to listen to. I guess subscribing to audible would be a good option, but I’ve found something that will fulfil my needs even better (My man – just kidding!) If the thought of adding another direct debit to your account makes you nauseous, I have found something that is free!

The Podbeans app (#notsponsored) that you can download for free and listen to a great selection of podcasts, The best part? You can download them and the tube will no longer dictate your listening time.

These are some of the podcasts I am listening to at the moment:

Fohr Ground

Similar to Drink with James, still Influencer industry focused, but it’s more about each guest’s background and how they got to the success that they are now enjoying. The only downside to this podcast and Drink with James, which are both made by the Fohr company btw., is that they are based in New York and for now, don’t really refer to the industry and influencers in Europe. (Omg, wordpress is suggesting me to correct the word “influencer” – old school much?…and the word “wordpress” for that matter)

The Collector’s House

This is a Matches Fashion podcast which is actually a series of interviews with designers, stylists, marketing directors, you name it – anyone in the fashion industry. It is similar to Fohr Ground in the sense that the host is interested in the path that her guests have taken to get to this point in their careers, but maybe a bit more intimate. I feel like I get to know the guests better if I listen to this podcast because they are asked to put 5 objects that inspire or represent them into the Matches Fashion cabinet on 5 Carlos Place (London). My personal favourite so far is the episode with Lucinda Chambers.

The Business of Fashion

I might have kept my personal best for last, but I won’t judge if this is not your own favourite. The BOF podcast is the most business-orientated out of all and this month I’ve been in a very practical mood, maybe that’s why I like it the best. I am honestly thinking of subscribing to the newsletter so that I can know absolutely everything that is happening in fashion at the moment, but that direct debit is still making me nauseous. Maybe later.

Imran Ahmed, the host of this podcast (and CEO of BOF) has the most diverse guests: from Tommy Hilfiger to Gucci’s Marco Bizzari, to Rent the Runway co-founder Jennifer Hyman and many, many more interesting people with interesting business stories.

My favourite podcasts might be the ones where the host is having Tim Blanks as his guest (BOF editor-at-large) where they discuss fashion seasons, couture shows, menswear shows and most recently, the career of Karl Lagerfeld.

Ok, enough serious talk – really, if you are bored of listening to the same music again and again, and are just slightly into fashion I promise you will like at least the first two podcast. If you dream fashion – you will probably love all three and will find the Business of Fashion one the most informative.

Have I skipped any podcast that’s about fashion and you know about? Don’t keep me in the blue, tell me about it in the comments below.


Podcasts / river island outfit / snake print skirt / winter outfit / miss casual
Sweater – River Island
Skirt – River Island
Cap – Topshop (similar)
Podcasts / river island outfit / snake print skirt / winter outfit / miss casual
Podcasts / river island outfit / snake print skirt / winter outfit / miss casual

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