Knit your way through X-mas

Something that I love with all my heart, that is not as time-consuming as dancing, is travelling. I don’t do it enough, or at least, I don’t do it as much as I wish I did. I am trying to consider my commute as being ¨travelling¨, but for now, I am not one of those people who have nerves of steel when it comes to crowds, people rushing, long tube rides and so on. Sometimes I realise that I would gain a lot just by changing my perception, but this is a skill I have yet to master. When I am on my off-days though, even if I take the same tube as I do on a working day, I already enjoy it more and I feel like I am travelling.

One thing that I like when I get to satisfy this pleasure of mine, is to be comfortable. this doesn’t mean I travel in my pyjamas, but I like being cosy. Most often I would go for trousers and a sweater…if I am not lucky enough to travel to warmer climates, and then I make the look more interesting with accessories. Most of the sweaters I travel with are either over-sized or if not, really, really comfy. Forget about the scratchy materials or about the turtle necks that are too high that make you feel like you need to share you Oxygen with them. When it comes to travel outfits, absolutely nothing beats comfort. Then, you can use the same outfit to take the ever so cliche Instagram picture in front of the fire place, that I can’t get enough of. I am just annoyed at myself that more than a week of winter has passed and I still didn’t find a fire place photogenic enough.

I have found some snow, though. I am leaving you now with 4 of these really comfy sweaters…one is actually from the pyjama section but it was so cute, I couldn’t help myself. This time we experimented with closer shots also so that you can see the actual texture of the jumpers and the jewellery. If you are curious about the jewellery, all I can tell you is that a new blog post on it will be coming soon:)


  1. The one you will wear at a pillow fight…and not only here

IMG_3204 final

IMG_3162 final

IMG_3145 final

IMG_3198 final


2. The one that makes you eat pistachio here

IMG_3233 final

IMG_3253 final

IMG_3237 final

IMG_3261 final


3. The one that still makes you crave for pumpkin similar here

IMG_3401 final1

IMG_3445 final1

IMG_3456 final1

IMG_3459 final1

IMG_3437 final1


4. The one that brings the snow here

IMG_3503 final

IMG_3497 final1

IMG_3544 final1

IMG_3568 final1

IMG_3607 final1

IMG_3510 final

Sequin overdose

I was never one to go crazy with sequins, I’m more of a lace person for party outfits. My trick has always been to dress up and down the lace, not necessarily go for other kind of textures that draw attention. So this is me taking myself out of my comfort zone 😀

This was not a particularly difficult intervention though, considering that even before I went inside of the Zara store, what I saw in the windows was luring me in…badly! For the first time ever since I started writing the blog, all the outfits that I am showing you, are from the same brand. So many people like Zara, just as many people dislike it, really. What I like about this Spanish brand is that they come up with so many collections that you’ll always see something new in their stores.

When I was a child, I didn’t like the typically girly stuff. I didn’t wear pink, I was not drawn to glitter, I was terrible at makeup and at doing my hair (that I still am). I think I just wanted to be a grown-up already. Haha, how much things have changed! I don’t know when exactly, but I started being really into ballet, pink, sequins, glitter everywhere, rose-gold and so on. When I was 13 my mom told me that I act as if I am 30. Now, I am not 30 yet, and hopefully I am not acting as if I am 13 either, but I really am rediscovering, or better said, I am discovering my inner girly girl and Zara’s collection is helping me a lot. They use what I would call “grown-up sequins”: deep teal colours, black, rose-gold and one of my favourites : the stripey skirt that makes me think of Rio de Janeiro more than X-mas, but I just fell in love with it. As much as you could fall in love with an object…you know what I mean, don’t you?

Well, there’s nothing left to say except to show you the pictures and wish you “Happy glitter your way through the Holidays”!


  1. The “I need some Samba music” skirt here

IMG_2627 final

IMG_2662 final

IMG_2646 final


2. The “you have to come closer to see the beauty of it” top here

IMG_2726 final

IMG_2802 final

IMG_2796 final


3. The “highlighter” dress here

IMG_3060 final2

IMG_3050 final2

IMG_3065 final2


4. The “can you see my inner mermaid?” dress here

IMG_3086 final

IMG_3117 final

IMG_3106 final



Festive wear

This is the time when the first Christmas invitations to all those parties start to come in, when we start hoping for snow…ok, maybe not here in London because everybody knows how big cities get when it snows…when we start buying those presents that we were thinking about ever since our last Bank Holiday and we made a promise to ourselves that this time, we will not buy presents starting the 20th of December, but much much earlier. This time of the year, even though normally we don’t dress to impress or to get noticed, we start experimenting with statement earrings (cough! last article I posted), we start to look towards more elegant dresses and sequins, we shyly start wearing glitter on our eyelids, and we start wearing heels even though the rest of the year we wouldn’t get out of our flat shoes to save our lives.

Even though I don’t wear that many dresses, this is the time that I take them out of my wardrobe and make the most of it.


IMG_1938 final

Sweater – Boohoo here

Skirt – Mango here

Ok, this is not a dress, but a sweater and a skirt. These are perfect for those festive dinners where your parents and his parents are finally meeting each other. It’s cute, not provocative but not boring either, plus this time is your best excuse to wear silver.


IMG_1898 final

Dress – Mango here

Talking about silver, this one is a beauty. Do you remember in Sex and the City when Carry goes on her first date with Big and she wears her ¨naked dress¨. This could be your naked dress, but if your party is not in a sauna, you’ll need a jacket to go with it.


IMG_1974 final

Top – Mango similar here

Trousers – H&M similar here

Boots – Steve Madden here

This would probably be my most realistic choice because I really am a trousers girl. Because they are leather trousers…well faux leather, they are not too casual for the festive season and then, if that is not enough, you can add this bling bling of a top that is velvet encrusted with sparkly crystals and as the final touch, heels.


_MG_8699 final3

Dress – Liquorish similar here

This dress is when you want to feel like a true lady: it is light, elegant and not too naked. Although is not a typical colour for the festive season, you could make it work with some glam earrings and heels, definitely heels not flats.

IMG_2085 final

Dress – Mango similar here

This is the classic sequin party dress. Wherever you go, you will fit in…just don’t go to work with it. Let’s say you had a fancy dinner and then somebody brings up the invitation to a pub for some rock music and beer. No worries! Just drop your heels, put on your boots and you are ready go.

IMG_2009 final

Dress – Mango similar here

I saved my personal favourite for last. This one is feminine, light, sparkly and again, versatile. You can dress it up with heels, or dress it down with ankle boots. another plus, you can keep your jewellery to minimum and go crazy with makeup. Of course, pointe shoes not necessary :p

IMG_1904 final

IMG_1918 final

IMG_1981 final

IMG_2091 final

_MG_8737 final

_MG_8715 final

IMG_2050 final

IMG_2036 final

I hope this was helpful! kisses

Statement earrings

As I said before, with the Holiday season approaching, all I can think about is mulled wine, marshmello hot chocolates, chunky sweaters, gingerbread, candles and pixie lights, glamorous outfits, or if not glamorous at least really, really shiny ones, and the statement earrings to go with the crazy outfits. You know how we see that influencers give their best during fashion shows. That’s when they go crazy with creativity and their outfits are jaw dropping? That is how I feel about this season! I want to wear cosy knits, with just a bit of lace peeking from underneath and the statement earring that catches your eye when you stay in line for you coffee and you’re glad to be distracted by something nice, other than a sandwich.

I always loved jewellery. For me jewellery is like music. You listen to a song a lot in a certain period of time, and then after you replay it years later, you remember most of the things that happened around that time. That is jewellery for me, a mirror to the past, if we are to say it metaphorically. I remembered who gifted it to me, I remember when and what I was doing around that time. Problem was, especially with earrings, I always seem to loose one of the pair. But no worries, I would either wear just one of them, or I would mix and match. And now, surprise, surprise, this is the trend of the moment: single earrings. Love it!

With the pictures I am simply suggesting to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to earrings but not necessarily start looking like a Christmas tree…as I did:))

IMG_2578 final

IMG_2575 final

Mango similar here


IMG_2596 final

IMG_2592 finalBoohoo here


IMG_2507 final

IMG_2503 final

Boohoo similar here


IMG_2569 final

IMG_2560 final

Mango similar here


IMG_2524 final

IMG_2553 final

Mango here


IMG_2516 final

IMG_2512 final

Mango my personal favourite – here


Pointe shoes hunt

When I’m having a pedicure, I always feel like I need to entertain the lady to distract her from the battlefield she’s dealing with. Ever since I was a child, I was a runner so you can imagine that my nails have suffered from running in inappropriate shoes. Now, I could only run to save my life so no treadmill for me, thank you!

Then dancing, and especially dancing without shoes was a killer. Let’s just put it like this: I will never be a foot model. When I’ve tried my first pair of pointe shoes I thought that they were the most beautiful torture instruments I have worn in my life but then, there was not much damage to do to my feet anymore.

I am in no way a ballerina! I did have classical ballet training with a few wonderful teachers, but I started a bit too late and I was distracted by the more psychological style  – contemporary dance. I bought my first pair of pointe shoes to start training more seriously but, as you might have heard, it is safer to have a few years of technique behind when you start using the pointe shoes. These ones were the Debutante from Sansha. I bought them at the suggestion of my then teacher so I didn’t know much about styles and how to find the perfect one for the shape of your feet.

Officially, my first pair of pointe shoes are dead, but long live the new ones. Google maps was the one suggesting me to go to the Bloch store that was really close to the Royal Opera House, so I thought it must be a good one. I got there and I was awestruck, a child in candy-land! So many pink satin beautiful torture machines! I had something that I’ve never had before: a fitting! Which makes sense now that I know what to look for in a pointe shoes. The sales assistant (who was a ballerina) asked me to go to the barre and tendu to the side, plie and releve to see how arched my feet are so that she will try shoes that are more or less flexible, accordingly. Gladly, she was a perfectionist so we tried 5 styles until we’ve found the right one. Let me tell you, every single style that I tried for beginners was hurting so badly. She wanted a tapered style for me because I have what you would call an Egyptian style of feet where the big toe is the biggest. Just when we were about to give up and try the boxier style that I had before, she had an idea to try another tapered style even though it was for intermediates. And these were the winners: Triomphe…well yes, literally! These were as comfortable as a pointe shoe can get and because of the tapered style, my body weight was dispersed on all my toes, not just my big one.

I guess it is safe to say that you will be seeing more and more pictures on pointe shoes, especially on my Instagram, which in case you don’t follow, I believe you should;). Do you like these or prefer normal shoes?

IMG_2350 final

IMG_2342 final

IMG_2389 final

IMG_2414 final

IMG_2451 final

IMG_2466 final

IMG_2480 final

IMG_2325 final

Cosy knits review

Oooh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, since we’ve (got?) no place to go, let it snow, let it snow let it snooooow….well, not quite yet. It’s not even December, but I feel like Christmas is just around the corner. The Christmas lights are up and bright here in London, and I can’t take my mind off of gingerbread, mulled wine, cinnamon, “The Holiday” movie and knits. The bigger the better!

If you are fussy when it comes to knits, finding the perfect one is a hard job. Sweater shopping is deceiving. You never know how it fits until you actually try it on so online shopping might become longer than you hoped. Another drawback is that you never know how it will last in time. If you don’t dry-clean your sweaters, which I personally don’t, the first time you wash them you’re always “fingers crossed it’s not 2 sizes smaller”.  I’ve bought 6 “specimens” and I tested them against British weather for a while, so I will be able you give you my opinion on them.

IMG_9426 final

Boohoo similar here

This one is good for a mild winter or for late autumn and to feed your inner-child with a soft pink hue. When I first wore it, I couldn’t stand it because of the plastic-like smell, but after I washed it the first time, it went away. It didn’t shrink at all and it became even softer although this was never a problem, it was pretty comfortable to begin with.


IMG_1106 final

H&M  shorter version here

This one is quite versatile! I chose to wear it with leather trousers but the length would allow you to wear it with tights also. This one is not the most comfortable on your bare skin because of the glittery insertions that are a bit scratchy. The visual effect of them, though, is a plus. Although, something I didn’t expect at all, was for it to be heavy, which it is, but once you wear it, you can’t really feel it.


IMG_9584 final

Boohoo here

The colour of this one caught my eye immediately, I just love it! As most chenille jumpers, this one is very soft…more like fluffy, but it leaves so much fluff. Even if that doesn’t make you tear up, wherever you sit down, it will shed worse than my cats back home and leave a mark stating that you were there. After washing it, the shedding got a bit better, but it wasn’t “cured” completely.


IMG_1338 final

Boohoo similar here

This one is the classic cable knit, not too comfortable, but not scratchy either. What I like about this one is the design and the fact that it is cropped which goes with all my high waisted trousers and jeans. Comfy, but not too spectacular.


IMG_1938 final

Boohoo similar here

This is one of the nicest looking in the bunch but the least comfortable also. I’ve never worn anything scratchier than this. It looks as if it comes from a YSL runway show, but doesn’t feel like one at all. Still, if you wear something underneath, it is one of the cosier pieces that will come in handy during the holiday season.

As you can, I would need some suggestions when it comes to knits, so don’t hesitate to leave me one in the comment section!

IMG_9482 final

IMG_9569 final

IMG_1115 final

IMG_1262 final

IMG_9439 final

Influencers that inspire me    

IMG_1236 final

There are a lot of uber-talented influencers out there and there is always space for new faces, but the ones that I go back to over and over again, have caught my eye for multiple reasons. It’s either their talent, their sense of style, their very juicy hauls, but most of the time, it’s their personalities.

  1. Kathleen Lights – Youtube channel

The best example in this sense is Kathleen Lights who, as she says herself, was not a trained makeup artist when she started her Youtube channel, but she learned a lot along the way. What she lacked in experience, she compensated with hard work and the kind of personality that really makes you feel like you could definitely be friends with her. Is she now a well-known Youtuber with 3M followers, who has done multiple successful collaborations and has her own brand? Oh yes, she is!

2. Aimee Song –  Youtube channel

Another influencer who has the same lovable, magnetic personality is Aimee Song from Song of Style. She was a professional Instagrammer even back then when I would still ask my geekier friends what that is and they would funnily roll their eyes in response. On top of her style and her “take me home” personality, I love the fact that she really gives us insight on the industry. Her very casual but nonetheless entertaining interviews with the people who already made it are priceless. The first advice that all these people give us, who want to infiltrate ourselves into the industry, is to do internships, to “tail” a person who made it to see how she/he deals with things, what her/his job actually consists of, to make ourselves useful and continue learning…practically, to continue to be curious. If you have questions about the industry, she is the person who will tell you how she manages to travel that much, how she earns her money, if in order to be a successful influencer, you need a manager, and other questions alike. I asked these questions myself. Have you noticed how there is no recipe for how to make it in this industry? Do you know what this means? That you can create your own way, as long as you are dedicated and willing to learn.

3. Linda Hallberg – Blog

I love going to Linda Hallberg’s blog for makeup ideas. This woman is so creative! I have to admit that even though I love writing about beauty myself, I don’t always have patience to read about it so what I sometimes do is check out her blog just for the pictures since she posts a look every single day.

4. Ohh Couture – Blog

Leonie’s blog and instagram motivates me so much! For me, her blog is like a fantasy that I want to live myself. This woman is gorgeous and due to the way she writes, she seems such a kind person. I find her blog perfect to be read on the tube, on my way to work.

5. Tamara Kalinic – Instagram

Tamara Kalinic’s hauls are a guilty pleasure that I love feeding. Because she invests so much money in her job, she always has “hot” items that are also very versatile. I wouldn’t mind going through her wardrobe, even though I consider her style much more feminine than mine.

6. Tati Westbrook – Youtube channel

First, I am proudly counting myself among the people that used to watch Tati’s videos even way back then when she didn’t have a room dedicated to her passion, and no professional lights at all. Second, I love the fact that she posts 5 days a week which means that when something new is being released, it is more likely that she reviewed it. On top of that, I trust her judgement so she has become the first person I go to when I’m curious about a product.

7. Mikuta & Klemens – Blog

This is a blog that I quickly developed an obsession for and I devoured it in a few days. It is really easy to read and their photos are so eye-catching. I am always sharing their photos with Paul, who is a big fan of the dramatic edit that they use. The fact is, if I were to randomly see a photo taken by them, thanks to their unique editing, I would recognise the picture as being one of theirs.

IMG_1029 final

Coat – Zara here

Earrings – Boohoo  similar here

Makeup – Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Pallette here


IMG_1043 final

Jacket – Boohoo here

Trousers – H&M  here

Boots – Topshop  similar here

IMG_9602 final2

Top – Little white lies here

Trousers and boots – Zara (old collection)

IMG_1019 final

Dress – Boohoo  here

IMG_9598 final




Early birds in London

_MG_8388 final


We wanted to try something different today. We’ve been scouting for photogenic places in London, a task that is actually not hard to fulfil at all because this city is just so easy to capture. This time we came across a beautiful place, the bridge across Thames that takes you to St. Paul’s Church. Our only problem was that it is such a well-known place so it is full of tourists at all times – but tourists do sleep, don’t they?

Fortunately, just a few days before, I watched Tamara Kalinic’s vlog from Venice where she funnily explains how she takes pictures without having people in them. I was having all sorts of fantasies of how she takes out a sound enhancing device and convinces everyone to stay out of frame until she takes the picture, but then reality hit me and she shows her phone : 5:30 a.m.! and she was wearing a full face of makeup and was already dressed…talking about super-humans :))

So that’s exactly what we did: we woke up at 4:30 a.m. and while I did my makeup, Paul made me coffee – he knows me well, I’m dangerous without enough coffee on board, and then we drove to St. Paul’s Church and started shooting at 6 a.m.

Fun fact: a bride and groom were shooting their wedding photos so we actually had to wait in line for the bridge to be empty.

This article, together with the photos, have been in stand by for some months now, so you will notice that not only this collection from Zara is long forgotten about but also that the weather in the UK is not as forgiving anymore.

Regardless, it was a wonderful morning! By 7:30 a.m. I was having my second coffee of the day when a thought just hit me: that’s how you know you’ve been productive.

_MG_8409 final

_MG_8378 final

_MG_8462 final

_MG_8484 final

_MG_8503 final

_MG_8464 final

_MG_8522 final

_MG_8424 final

_MG_8406 final


All clothing – Zara (summer 2017 collection) – sorry!

Loafers – Accessorize

Sneakers – Adidas


Eye makeup: Kat von D – MetalMatte






Who is Miss Casual?

IMG_8296 final2

I am a Romanian-Hungarian hybrid (as I like calling myself) who recently moved to London. This was a dream ever since I was a child, but I have to admit, ¨Harry Potter¨ might have played a part in my fascination for London.

I studied to become a dancer and choreographer. Well, the truth is, my first studies were on Environmental Sciences – a fascinating subject and very useful for understanding how nature works, but this wasn’t the domain I wanted a career in. My creative part, which is quite an imposing one, was not fulfilled. That is why the next two years I spent joggling Arts University and working with dance companies and The National Theatre, were the most fulfilling and the ones that shaped me best into who I am today.

I have always surrounded myself with fashion. Even as a child I would cut pictures out from magazines and glue them into a huge notebook. Usually I was a distant admirer of fashion because I never thought I could afford it, but ever since I moved to London, I started feeling that I am part of it. Well, the fact that I work in luxury retail might have something to do with this feeling 🙂 The streets of London seem to be made for people watching…the creativity in this city is insane and then all the choices that we have here, starting from luxury, high-end or really affordable brands. I must admit, all this has got me really excited!

This is a city that is surprising me even after my 10 months that I spent being a part of it. I find it perfect for people with huge dreams, who are willing to make them come true. (I guess this is what New-Yorkers say about their own city, but I wouldn’t know that, I haven’t been there yet) Either way, you know what people smarter than me say about dreams: If it doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.

So I guess it is fair to say that I didn’t come to London empty handed, I came with a dream. For months I was looking for a way to combine all my art related passions and turn them into a profession eventually- I am referring to fashion, dancing, choreography, makeup and modelling. I still don’t know if this blog is not too much of a fruit salad but I’ll try it either way and for this I needed a platform where I could create diverse content about all of the above…and about a guilty pleasure that I know for sure that it goes hand in hand with everything- travelling!

So welcome to my attempt to CASUALLY combining most of my passions in the format of a diary and an abundance of photos.

P.S. No need to fasten your seat-belt, just get ready to enjoy the journey!

IMG_8299 final

IMG_8534 final

_MG_8924 final

_MG_2709 final

_MG_8737 final

_MG_2352 final


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