Christmas and glitter

I feel like for the past 100 posts I wrote only about Christmas or Christmas-related subjects. Haha, I haven’t even posted that much.

When you think of Christmas, you also think, before your tummy is full because that makes it difficult to think, about glitter, glitter everywhere. On the baubles, on the Christmas cards, on our Lush bath bombs, on our clothes, nails and on our eyes. I am surprised we didn’t find a way to eat it yet. But we can wear glitter whenever we want: music festivals would be our safest choice, parties, themed parks, when we do our groceries. Just kidding, but if that’s your thing, you would for sure make me smile.

I’ve found these glitters from Nyx. The packaging says ¨Face and Body¨ glitters but I asked one of the sales assistants and he said that it is safe to use on the eyes and then went back to singing one of Beyonce’s songs. These glitters are quite affordable and the packaging is practical because you have a sifter so you won’t have glitter particles everywhere. I like applying them with the Nyx glitter Base that again, is very affordable and does the job. If you apply too much of the base though, it might move your eyeshadow from beneath, but if you apply an even layer of glitter, this doesn’t really matter, does it?

I will keep this post short because I am sure that you still have some presents to wrap or if you are one of the quick ones, to unwrap.

Have a glittery merry Christmas!


  1. A little touch of glitter – shade Bronze

IMG_3619 final

IMG_3621 final


2. Only glitter makeup look – shade Gunmetal

IMG_3662 final

IMG_3672 final


3. Glitter lips – shade Red

IMG_3968 final

IMG_3962 final


4. Disco ball – shade Violet

IMG_3947 final

IMG_3956 final


5. Drama queen – shade Crystal, shade Red on lips

IMG_3990 final

IMG_3982 final


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  1. World: ‘we can’t eat glitter’
    India: ‘Hold my beer’
    😀 I hope we get to taste one of these together someday!

    Have you tried the HM glitter glue? I did my Xmas makeup with it, overlaying ‘Twerk’ from Morphe x Jaclyn Hill with blue glitter. I used glitter glue from H&M and the shade underneath didn’t move, which was great, since I didn’t want a ‘full glitter’ look, just a touch of sparkle.

    Hugs <3

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