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Oooh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, since we’ve (got?) no place to go, let it snow, let it snow let it snooooow….well, not quite yet. It’s not even December, but I feel like Christmas is just around the corner. The Christmas lights are up and bright here in London, and I can’t take my mind off of gingerbread, mulled wine, cinnamon, “The Holiday” movie and knits. The bigger the better!

If you are fussy when it comes to knits, finding the perfect one is a hard job. Sweater shopping is deceiving. You never know how it fits until you actually try it on so online shopping might become longer than you hoped. Another drawback is that you never know how it will last in time. If you don’t dry-clean your sweaters, which I personally don’t, the first time you wash them you’re always “fingers crossed it’s not 2 sizes smaller”.  I’ve bought 6 “specimens” and I tested them against British weather for a while, so I will be able you give you my opinion on them.

IMG_9426 final

Boohoo similar here

This one is good for a mild winter or for late autumn and to feed your inner-child with a soft pink hue. When I first wore it, I couldn’t stand it because of the plastic-like smell, but after I washed it the first time, it went away. It didn’t shrink at all and it became even softer although this was never a problem, it was pretty comfortable to begin with.


IMG_1106 final

H&M  shorter version here

This one is quite versatile! I chose to wear it with leather trousers but the length would allow you to wear it with tights also. This one is not the most comfortable on your bare skin because of the glittery insertions that are a bit scratchy. The visual effect of them, though, is a plus. Although, something I didn’t expect at all, was for it to be heavy, which it is, but once you wear it, you can’t really feel it.


IMG_9584 final

Boohoo here

The colour of this one caught my eye immediately, I just love it! As most chenille jumpers, this one is very soft…more like fluffy, but it leaves so much fluff. Even if that doesn’t make you tear up, wherever you sit down, it will shed worse than my cats back home and leave a mark stating that you were there. After washing it, the shedding got a bit better, but it wasn’t “cured” completely.


IMG_1338 final

Boohoo similar here

This one is the classic cable knit, not too comfortable, but not scratchy either. What I like about this one is the design and the fact that it is cropped which goes with all my high waisted trousers and jeans. Comfy, but not too spectacular.


IMG_1938 final

Boohoo similar here

This is one of the nicest looking in the bunch but the least comfortable also. I’ve never worn anything scratchier than this. It looks as if it comes from a YSL runway show, but doesn’t feel like one at all. Still, if you wear something underneath, it is one of the cosier pieces that will come in handy during the holiday season.

As you can, I would need some suggestions when it comes to knits, so don’t hesitate to leave me one in the comment section!

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IMG_9569 final

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