Dior Forever foundation – would I repurchase?

I have been pretty much loyal to the same foundation for almost 10 years. Because I have very oily skin, I have difficulties finding a foundation that will cover my imperfections, but will be lasting through my sebum-prone skin. And when that sebum comes out, is the foundation flexible enough for me to blot and re-powder? As I was saying, for almost 10 years, any foundation I tried, I kept on going back for my trusty Clinique oil-free one. Is the Dior Forever Undercover going to replace it?

I can’t decide about replacing the Clinique foundation in my personal top, but this one is definitely the runner-up. I have never tried a Dior foundation before but one day I felt like pampering myself and I took the plunge, went to Boots, had myself colour matched and I bought it.

I had no idea which of the Dior foundation would be suitable for my skin type. I don’t mind full coverage, but even if it’s medium coverage, I can make it work. Also, I needed something oil free that will not look terribly dry on my skin. The last foundation that I tried and looked dry, in two hours was shiny like a disco ball so I try to stay away from this type. To be perfectly honest, I was so curious about the new Backstage foundation that I asked about it first. Problem was – that is not for oily skin from what the sales assistant was telling me.

In the end, one full of swatches hand, a few dirty tissues and a colour match later, I went for the Dior Forever Undercover foundation. This one claims to be everything-proof for 24 hours and has a natural matte finish while hiding those naughty pores that we all have.

I will start with the packaging. This is the most travel friendly out of all. It’s not a glass bottle so it’s not heavy at all, it’s 40 ml (1.3 FL.OZ) and has the thinnest “mouth” so I know for sure that no bacteria will be able to go into my foundation. The finishing, even after powdering is the most beautiful I have ever seen. The Clinique foundation looks beautiful on the skin also, but this one makes my skin look so flawless. First time I tried it, I had to wake Paul up to show him.

The finish really is a natural matte. Even after powder, a slight luminosity was peeking through which made the foundation even more beautiful. I personally need to set every foundation with powder, but apparently, this foundation will do wonders even without. I must tell you, not on a very oily skin – maybe on a slightly oily one.

When it comes to coverage, this one is apparently the most high-coverage of all Dior Foundations. It is definitely more high-coverage than the Clinique one. As they say, a little really goes a long way so no need to paint it on. It’s still full coverage even if you apply it with a sponge so that says a lot.

After three hours on my face, just like any single other foundation that I tried, my sebum starts peeking through which I honestly expected. For me however, this is the true test. If I can blot and powder without the foundation becoming cakey, I am one happy woman. And I am when I wear this foundation! I was able to blot a few times during the day and the foundation did not move at all on my forehead and chin, but it did move a little on the sides of my nose and chicks. Even so, it’s the best performing foundation I ever tried.

Did you try any of the Dior foundations? Would you buy a luxury brand’s foundation or do you think you can get the same quality at the drugstore? I was honestly surprised at how good the Dior foundation was performing and the only reason why the Clinique one is still my favourite is because it lasts an hour longer- so I can go 4 hours without a problem. However, the Dior one’s finish is much more natural and flawless…so I guess they are neck in neck. Oups 😀


Dior foundation | Miss Casual

Dior foundation | Miss Casual

Dior foundation | Miss Casual

Dior foundation | Miss Casual

Foundation – Dior


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