Eyeshadow palettes I am not using anymore

My eyeshadow palette collection is not a huge one. I would say that it’s bigger than I’d need it to be, but It’s not even close to what we see on Youtube nowadays. Even so, I have eyeshadow palettes that I am not using.

Most often, the reason for this is packaging. If the eyeshadow palette is bulky and can’t fit in with the rest of the palettes, it’s bound to be exiled somewhere else and be forgotten. Other times, the colour combination could be the one that is holding me back from using the palette. It can be that it’s not inspiring me or that I have similar colours to those in an eyeshadow palette that I already use.

Also, please keep in mind that what you are about to see are not necessarily bad palettes, these are palettes that I am just not grabbing every single week for some reason or another. The pictures will not be the clean, perfect ones we are so used to seeing on Instagram. Some of these palettes are dusty which you’ll be able to see on the mirrors which did not seem to want to be cleaned…justĀ  thought I’d give you a heads up.


1. Kat von D – Metal Matte

When this eyeshadow palette came out I was so excited! It was interesting how depending on how you held the packaging, it said either metal or matte. Also, the eyeshadows inside seemed so exciting and for the longest time, they were. I used this palette a lot.

The metallic eyeshadows are very pigmented and soft and are a pleasure to wear, except the purple one which for some reason, the moment I apply it, it changes colour slightly. Same goes for some of the matte eyeshadows. I know it’s a strange thing to complain about, but if I need a particular shade and when I apply it it becomes ashier that I want it to be, there is not win there, right?

The main problem however, is how big this eyeshadow palette is. It does not fit with any of the rest of my palettes and most often, even though it’s a very good quality palette, I forget I have it or I can’t be bothered taking it out from where I found a place for it.

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2. Too Faced – Sweet Peach

This eyeshadow palette was used like a hero before it was almost retired. Do you know how we always see in police movies that after they retire, some officers just can’t mind they own very quiet new life and keep in doing what their job was for years? This is how this palette is. I have used up completely the white in the palette and I have two more metallic eyeshadows that I use quite often and the matte coral shade. Other than that, the rest of the eyeshadows lay untouched.

This is something that I heard happens quite a lot with Too Faced eyeshadow palettes. There are a few very good quality eyeshadows, some that are good but won’t knock you off your feet and others that you won’t even waste your time with. That is exactly what is happening with this eyeshadow palette.

This does not mean that all Too Faced eyeshadow palettes are like this. I am still loving my Chocolate Gold one and it’s hard not to use it every day. Other than that, The Sweet Peach palette has a very slim packaging which is why I keep it with the rest of my palettes and after more than two years of use, it still smells like peaches, but not in an overpowering way.

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3. Urban Decay – Full Spectrum

This is another palette that got me so excited at first because of all the bright colours. Of course, I don’t wear bright colours every day so I knew that I won’t be using this eyeshadow palette a lot but I am still not using it as I should be.

There are two problems with this palette: the packaging and the quality. The packaging is not that bad, but if you’ve ever been in an apartment in London, you know that space is gold. Which this palette is taking up a bit more space than the rest and it’s not giving the same satisfaction as the rest are.

The biggest issue though, is quality. I tried a wet brush, dens brush, finger, still, some of the eyeshadows are not as pigmented as I wanted them to be. Especially when you have bright colours, if you need to build them up too much, be sure that the excess that did not want to stick to your lid, is now under your eyes. Again, there are so many great Urban Dceay eyeshadow palettes, but this is not one of the best.

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4. Huda Beauty – Rose Gold

How I loved this palette! I still do, but not as I used to. When I first saw the colours I was in for the ride. I did not mind at all that the metallics are a different formula than anything on the market and that they looked more like a chunky pigment on your lids, I loved that! I still use most of the textured eyeshadows in the palette.

It is almost unfair that this eyeshadow palette is in this blog post, but truth is, even though I love it, I seem to favor other palettes when I do my makeup. The matte eyeshadows are slightly drier than the ones in the Desert Dusk palette but they are still good eyeshadows: they are pigmented and blend well. However, I just seem to prefer the tones in my other palettes.

I have not tried the Remastered edition of this palette, but if Huda kept on improving her eyeshadows, they must be good because the rest of her palettes are amazing!

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These are the 4 palettes in my collection that I don’t use that often, from various reasons. The most serious one is the quality one, which means that it’s only a matter of time until I declutter them. I do have single eyeshadows that I don’t use that often either but that is my fault: I did not organize them in ages so that I will need to reach for one palette of singles and not three half empty ones.

Do you have eyeshadow palettes that you don’t use very often? How do you “convince” yourself to using them more?

eyeshadow palettes | miss casual


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