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I was reading the British Vogue a few days ago and besides the fashion, the articles in it spoke to me louder than usual. The UK is already making preparations for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and former “Suits” series actor, Megan Markle. This was actually one of the subjects in the article, but the emphasis was on what Megan can do to British fashion – and she already did. The handbag that she wore on their engagement announcement, sold out in a matter of hours, this being only of the cases in which she inspired us to up our fashion game.

Also, you need to read the article about Karl Lagerfeld, who is just as immersed in his work as he always was despite his beautiful age and still jokes about his contract ending in 2045. Wait, was that actually true? Another exciting news, from the same article, was that two more collections will be added to the Chanel repertoire – Chanel Beach and Chanel Snow which are pretty self- explanatory, but even so, they got me overly excited…maybe more the Chanel Beach one, being such a summer lover.

All of these articles got me thinking of what is actually the thing that I love about fashion? Is it the people, is it the garments? I believe it’s more about the people who wore the garments, the people who made the garments and all the stories in between. Can a person really change what they are wearing with the “glow” of their personalities?

I was left in awe at the MET Gala outfit pictures. Everybody is expecting the event to be extraordinary, at the end of the day, Anna Wintour is the one organizing it, but this year’s controversial theme inspired so many heavenly beautiful dresses. (Theme : Heavenly Bodies)

I know this post is not really about myself as the posts usually are, but I felt the need to share what is inspiring me at the moment, so a fashion catch-up was in order. It feels like we are living exciting times and art (fashion ), is an outspoken way of showing it – with good and bad.


fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

DRESS- Asos (similar)

fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

T-shirt – Stradivarius

Trousers – Stradivarius


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