Feather dress and grandpa’s cardigan

How appealing does this title sound? It almost makes me frown and think – there is no way in the world that these two will work together. I am not the most experimenting when it comes to outfit combination, but because of my eclectic style, weird things can come out. Or is it just me that I find strange even using “a dress with feathers” and “grandpa’s cardigan” in the same sentence? Do this two work together in this outfit? You tell me.

Grandpa’s cardigan

Let me just start by explaining that the grandpa we are talking about now is a very stylish one. He might have whisky when he reads those books that we’d fall asleep, have we tried to read them and he might or might not have a secret stash of Cuban cigars. This grandpa might be a fan of Gucci, but because we also wanted a cardigan like his, he suggested we try the more affordable version that River Island has. And that is exactly where the cardigan is from.

Most often a cardigan is something that we just throw on our shoulders because we are cold, it’s rarely a piece of clothing that we’d think much of. Or at least I didn’t. It was just practical, meant to keep me warm under my coat, and that was it. But slowly cardigans, and especially grandpa’s cardigan are becoming something that we are not ashamed of wearing and do more than keep us warm. I personally love the ones with contrasting stitching and the military type buttons. I must say, if it doesn’t have buttons, it might be even more versatile because then I can wear it with a belt to accentuate my waistline – ha grandpa, try that!

Feather detail dress

This outfit might have looked very preppy and behaved have we not had a cocktail dress underneath. Of course you can change the feather dress to a sequin one and it’s still an eyebrow-raising outfit, but feathers? This dress blew me away! When I first saw it I didn’t even know if I should think of a Victoria Secret Angel dress, was it a White Swan costume or did the feather boa that is never missing from a cheesy Cabaret show just escape?

This dress is the best example of how you can elevate a simple design with one detail – a very fluffy one, that is. Without the feathers at the bottom, this would have been a simple white dress. We’ve seen that before. But with the feathers I find that is has something of an Old Hollywood elegance to it.

The juxtaposition of the feather dress and grandpa’s cardigan is just such an unusual outfit. Not bad unusual, but the kind that you need to give another look to decide if you like it or not. I decided I did and surprisingly, I did not feel uncomfortable wearing it. Would you try it for a Christmas party maybe? How would you change the outfit?

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

Cardigan – River Island

Dress – River Island

Sock Boots – Mango

Feathery kisses! <sneeze>


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