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This is the time when the first Christmas invitations to all those parties start to come in, when we start hoping for snow…ok, maybe not here in London because everybody knows how big cities get when it snows…when we start buying those presents that we were thinking about ever since our last Bank Holiday and we made a promise to ourselves that this time, we will not buy presents starting the 20th of December, but much much earlier. This time of the year, even though normally we don’t dress to impress or to get noticed, we start experimenting with statement earrings (cough! last article I posted), we start to look towards more elegant dresses and sequins, we shyly start wearing glitter on our eyelids, and we start wearing heels even though the rest of the year we wouldn’t get out of our flat shoes to save our lives.

Even though I don’t wear that many dresses, this is the time that I take them out of my wardrobe and make the most of it.


IMG_1938 final

Sweater – Boohoo here

Skirt – Mango here

Ok, this is not a dress, but a sweater and a skirt. These are perfect for those festive dinners where your parents and his parents are finally meeting each other. It’s cute, not provocative but not boring either, plus this time is your best excuse to wear silver.


IMG_1898 final

Dress – Mango here

Talking about silver, this one is a beauty. Do you remember in Sex and the City when Carry goes on her first date with Big and she wears her ¨naked dress¨. This could be your naked dress, but if your party is not in a sauna, you’ll need a jacket to go with it.


IMG_1974 final

Top – Mango similar here

Trousers – H&M similar here

Boots – Steve Madden here

This would probably be my most realistic choice because I really am a trousers girl. Because they are leather trousers…well faux leather, they are not too casual for the festive season and then, if that is not enough, you can add this bling bling of a top that is velvet encrusted with sparkly crystals and as the final touch, heels.


_MG_8699 final3

Dress – Liquorish similar here

This dress is when you want to feel like a true lady: it is light, elegant and not too naked. Although is not a typical colour for the festive season, you could make it work with some glam earrings and heels, definitely heels not flats.

IMG_2085 final

Dress – Mango similar here

This is the classic sequin party dress. Wherever you go, you will fit in…just don’t go to work with it. Let’s say you had a fancy dinner and then somebody brings up the invitation to a pub for some rock music and beer. No worries! Just drop your heels, put on your boots and you are ready go.

IMG_2009 final

Dress – Mango similar here

I saved my personal favourite for last. This one is feminine, light, sparkly and again, versatile. You can dress it up with heels, or dress it down with ankle boots. another plus, you can keep your jewellery to minimum and go crazy with makeup. Of course, pointe shoes not necessary :p

IMG_1904 final

IMG_1918 final

IMG_1981 final

IMG_2091 final

_MG_8737 final

_MG_8715 final

IMG_2050 final

IMG_2036 final

I hope this was helpful! kisses

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