Who is Miss Casual?

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I am a Romanian-Hungarian hybrid (as I like calling myself) who recently moved to London. This was a dream ever since I was a child, but I have to admit, ¨Harry Potter¨ might have played a part in my fascination for London.

I studied to become a dancer and choreographer. Well, the truth is, my first studies were on Environmental Sciences – a fascinating subject and very useful for understanding how nature works, but this wasn’t the domain I wanted a career in. My creative part, which is quite an imposing one, was not fulfilled. That is why the next two years I spent joggling Arts University and working with dance companies and The National Theatre, were the most fulfilling and the ones that shaped me best into who I am today.

I have always surrounded myself with fashion. Even as a child I would cut pictures out from magazines and glue them into a huge notebook. Usually I was a distant admirer of fashion because I never thought I could afford it, but ever since I moved to London, I started feeling that I am part of it. Well, the fact that I work in luxury retail might have something to do with this feeling 🙂 The streets of London seem to be made for people watching…the creativity in this city is insane and then all the choices that we have here, starting from luxury, high-end or really affordable brands. I must admit, all this has got me really excited!

This is a city that is surprising me even after my 10 months that I spent being a part of it. I find it perfect for people with huge dreams, who are willing to make them come true. (I guess this is what New-Yorkers say about their own city, but I wouldn’t know that, I haven’t been there yet) Either way, you know what people smarter than me say about dreams: If it doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.

So I guess it is fair to say that I didn’t come to London empty handed, I came with a dream. For months I was looking for a way to combine all my art related passions and turn them into a profession eventually- I am referring to fashion, dancing, choreography, makeup and modelling. I still don’t know if this blog is not too much of a fruit salad but I’ll try it either way and for this I needed a platform where I could create diverse content about all of the above…and about a guilty pleasure that I know for sure that it goes hand in hand with everything- travelling!

So welcome to my attempt to CASUALLY combining most of my passions in the format of a diary and an abundance of photos.

P.S. No need to fasten your seat-belt, just get ready to enjoy the journey!

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