Fitted dresses – pros and cons

There is no better feeling than when we are so confident in our bodies that we just want to put on a very fitted dress and rock the city/club, whatever is your scene. However, this boost of confidence does not happen all the time, might be something to do with our natural cycles, or with the lack of sleep, but one day we might feel on top of the world…and heels, other days, we just want to hide under layers and layers of clothes.

Unfortunately, women more than man are still judged much more because of their bodies. This does not mean that one constitution is beautiful, whereas another one is less beautiful. On the contrary, as superficial as the world we live in is, beauty is still in the eyes of the admirer. On top of everything, we should seek to be healthy. However, for some reason, the way we see our body is influenced a lot by how people react to us and their own opinion of it…hence the fluctuations in confidence.

So, I was curious to see when is it that I am more prone to wear fitted dresses and when I try to stay as away from them as possible.


Before moving to the UK, my diet was very different. You might remember that I mentioned in a previous post that I realized I am dairy intolerant only after I started living in London. This has led me to give up absolutely any product that contains dairy which was a hassle at first because I used to eat cheese with cheese if you know what I mean. So in the beginning, I tried all the dairy alternatives there are such as Soy yogurt, Coconut yogurt, soy cheese, the different nut milks and so on. Because my body was not used to them, I would bloat like never before which made wearing a fitted dress a big no-no.

Another case in which I stay away from them is when I am tired. In some weird way, my self confidence is directly related to my level of energy. When I am tired, I feel I can’t pull off a fitted dress and most likely, my posture will be the very attractive hunched back…and I haven’t even been to Notre Dame yet.

On a more positive note, if I know I’ll be dancing a lot, I prefer trousers. Reason being, a fitted dress tends to roll up plus, if you have the moves like Jagger, people will have to take your word for it because you will not be able to prove that in a fitted dress.

It’s been a long time since I went on a first date and I’m not planning to go on one either, but I would not wear a fitted, revealing dress on a first date if I wanted him to actually listen to what I say. You do you girl, but keep this in mind if you want some quality conversation and not just the sensual gains of a date.



If I remember correctly, it is around our mid cycles that we are the most fertile which translates into a boost of confidence. This is probably the time when we are most likely to let our hair down, put on a fitted dress and just have fun.

Also, let’s say you’ve set yourself a target when it comes to your body image and you’ve eaten healthy for the longest time and you’ve worked out regularly. Now, you are the happiest you’ve been with your body. Isn’t this the best time to celebrate your success and put on a fitted dress that will show how proud you are of what you’ve achieved?

Let’s say you want to dress to impress. Let’s play with our imagination and say we need to go to a red carpet event. The best and most common option is a fitted dress. Depending on the length, it can be really elegant, it’s guaranteed that it will photograph well and something that is the closest to living a nightmare…it does not get stuck under your heel and makes you trip over.

Another good enough reason to wear fitted dresses is because they suit you. If you have beautiful curves and you want to show them, why not do so?


What I actually did is cheating a bit. In the pictures below, I am wearing a very short fitted dress, but the lace makes it a bit more forgiving because it doesn’t show it all. How do you like wearing dresses that are a second skin and how many times you ditch them for something more comfortable maybe?


fitted dress | miss casual

fitted dress | miss casual
No eyes kind of laugh 😀

fitted dress | miss casual


Dress – Missguided (on sale)

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