Flowers for winter?

I am not one to dress very girly all to often, but sometimes, I want to feel like a grown-up and put on something more serious. Most often, it’s not flowers. I love seeing them in nature and I definitely want to go to Keukenhof which supposedly is the most beautiful Botanical Garden and Holland is quite close if you know what I mean…but wearing flowers? The answer was a definite “no” until I came across Asian silk dressing gowns. Those changed my perception of flower prints so lately I do opt for dresses with flower prints, but most of the time, flower motifs. Would you wear flower prints for winter? I find that if the material that the garment is made of is thick enough, I don’t feel like what I am wearing is clashing with the season, especially if the colours are toned down a bit. Although, I do have a soft spot for daisies…anytime! In the pictures below, I am showing you two examples: one of a wintery flowers dress, and the other one is a cosy sweater with flower motifs for a twist.

When we took these pictures, we went to the most colourful place in London that as far as I know of: Brick Lane. I remember reading that you can actually sign up for a graffiti tour, which in my mind went under the “photogenic – remember to take pictures there” column. Little did I know that they change the graffities every few months or maybe once a year. I was there only a few months ago and maybe half of the walls were different from how they are now which means that you can go multiple times a year and you’d see different things. Also, I hear that the vintage shops there are the most fun in London, but I can’t confirm that…just yet.

Another thing that was new for us this time when we shot the photos, was not the cold…that is part of our lives already, but the fact that we tried something new. Paul asked me: “why don’t you try and dance in pictures”. So I tried that. I didn’t go full on Beyonce, but I did move a bit more and I am happy with the dynamic I see in the pictures. Do let me know if you notice any improvement.

Last but not least, I am writing this blog post in between swatches for the eyeshadow palletes that I will be talking/ writing about in the next post, with a big glass of red wine on my side. If you are from London, I hope these sunny pictures will bright up a gloomy, kind of snowing day for you, if you are not, and where you are is sunny, please do share:)


IMG_5413 final2

IMG_5203 final2

IMG_5467 final2

IMG_5235 final2

IMG_5484 final2

IMG_5240 final2

IMG_5301 final2

IMG_5438 final2

IMG_5241 final2

IMG_5275 final2


DRESS – Asos


TROUSERS – older H&M collection

EYES – Nyx glitter



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