Flowers + stripes summer outfit

Lately, the weather in the UK has blessed us with a proper summer and not a British kind of one. I don’t know about you, but the outfits that I experiment the most, are the summer outfits. I can’t layer as I would for an autumn or winter outfit, but I love wearing prints, stripes, polka dots and most importantly, bright colours.

Before I moved to London, I was told to watch out for the British weather effect. The friend who told me this was referring to the fact that because of the weather, a lot of people wear dark colours or black. I completely forgot about this until a few weeks ago when the subject was brought up and then I realized: I was under this effect at the beginning of me living here. I used to wear a lot of navy and black, leather trousers and leather jackets and my first summer here did not consist of the typical summer outfit: floral print dresses.

However, once we started shooting for our Instagram constantly, my style has changed a lot. I am proud to say that for more than a year we’ve been posting daily on our Instagram so you can imagine how many pictures we actually took. The more I saw that colourful pictures have the highest reach in the sense that they are viewed by more people, liked and commented on, we adapted to this. My summer outfits and all year around really, became much more colourful and as I see them now, more fun.

Recently, I started mixing patterns also: flowers with stripes, stripes with polka dots, flowers with polka dots, anything but not to the extreme that it becomes overwhelming. If not during summer time, then when?

Do let me know in the comments below what a typical summer outfit consists of for you? Is this a season that gets you excited or is it one like any of the others?


summer outfits | miss casual

summer outfits | miss casual

summer outfits | miss casual

summer outfits | miss casual

summer outfits | miss casual

summer outfits | miss casual

Top – Bershka

Skirt – River Island

Mules – Stradivarius (similar)

Bag – Asos (similar)

Earrings – TJC (similar)


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