From Edinburgh, with love!

Have I mentioned before how every now and then we like traveling, even just locally. Well, give us any excuse, no matter how little and we’ll take it to travel. This time we went to Edinburgh.

1. Why Edinburgh

Of all the places in the UK, how come we chose Edinburgh, you might ask yourself. Definitely not because how close it is to London. My parents were planning to visit us here in London, around Mom’s 50th birthday so we wanted it to be special. Actually, she was the one who came up with the idea to go to Edinburgh and it suited all of us perfectly because neither of us has been there before.

Have I told you that I almost went to University there? Haha, my English accent would have been much better by now, that’s for sure.

2. How did we travel?

Even though there were a few easier options available, we thought – why not make it a road trip? You might already know that I am a big fan of road trips but I personally did not know if it would be comfortable so I kept on having second thoughts. I must say though, with good music and just as good of a company, 7 hours flew so quickly. Plus, the landscape was exquisite! All of us, except the driver of course, were glued to those side windows, mesmerized by the view. It really is worth going by car or train just to see the landscape.

3. Where did we stay?

It was our first time trying Air Bnb…quite late, I know! But we couldn’t have been happier with both how close we were to the center – 10 minutes walking, and how beautiful the flat was. From the outside, it looked like it was the Notting Hill of Edinburgh, but on a quiet, secluded street.

I will be naughty and leave you a bit curious because I want to dedicate an entire blog post to our Air Bnb experience so before I give away too much, I will change the subject:)

4. Places to see

My personal favorite place to see and walk to was Calton Hill. It’s a 10 minutes light walk up the hill from central Edinburgh. The view from up there is breathtaking, but this time of the year, the wind was just as breathtaking. We took some of our most dynamic pictures up there, but I was quite scared the wind will take either my skirt or me.

Another good place to wander around is the Old Town. You can find absolutely everything in the little stores scattered along this hill…yes, another hill but if you take your time, it really is not hard to walk up and down. Because this one is more of a touristic area, it really is the kilt land. There are so many singers on the street, wearing the kilt of course, but everywhere you look around you, you’ll see tartan.

For some reason, the Old Town of Edinburgh made me think more of what I saw in Harry Potter than London did. Especially with the narrow streets and the multitude of boutiques – Diagon Alley anyone?

5.Best time to go

Weather wise I would say summer because I was not prepared for the cold windy weather that we experienced over the weekend that we’d spent there. I am pretty sure that for the true scotts that was just a mild autumn, but we were frozen. However, price-wise, I think this is the best period – end of September, beginning of October. Christmas is still far, yet all students are accommodated so the prices drop really nicely.

I could not have been happier with the choice for this trip even though when we came back to London, it felt like summer. The landscape is 100% worth the trip and then the entire atmosphere in Scotland. People are so much more relaxed than they are in London.

If you are curious to attach even more visuals to this blog post, check out my “Edinburgh” Highlights on Instagram. If those are still not enough, there’s nothing to worry about, we have more pictures to come.


Edinburgh | miss casual

Coat – ASOS

Calton Hill Edinburgh | miss casual

Skirt – ASOS

Earrings – BOOHOO (similar)

Edinburgh | miss casual

Blazer dress – MISSGUIDED

Edinburgh | miss casual

Edinburgh | miss casual

Edinburgh | miss casual

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