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My hair has been through numerous changes for the past 5 years. You might have in mind colour changes from black to blonde and so on, but the truth is it’s only been through 50 shades of blonde. From balayage to platinum blonde, my hair has always needed special attention aka a special hair routine.

Even thought it was coloured, when I still lived in Romania, my hair was decently healthy…considering what it’s been through. I had a favourite salon that I went to time and time again and the guys were taking care of my hair with Olaplex and L’oreal hair dyes which were doing the trick. As a hair routine, I would put a mask from time to time and I would leave coconut oil in it overnight and that was enough to maintain it healthy.

1. Moroccanoil Treatment

When I moved to London though, I had to change every step of my hair routine. The water here is different and it dries out my hair like nothing else. So I thought it’s a good moment to try out the very popular Moroccanoil Treatment that I heard so much about. The day I put the oil in my hair, it feels like before I coloured it, it’s that good! My friends used to tell me that I have baby hair, it was that soft and silky, but not after colouring unfortunately and especially blondes will nod in agreement that this colour just sucks up all the moisture that we have in our hair.

The Moroccanoil Treatment does not make my hair soft the next day also though, so I usually pile it up on the ends of my hair daily, which seems to be working just fine, and it makes the worlds difference.

hair routine | miss casual

2. L’oreal Preference Infinia

The first few months after moving to London, I kept on going to a hair salon for touch ups, but I found it so time consuming that I started searching for a hair dye. The one that I use at the moment and that I am truly happy with is the Preference Infinia from L’oreal in shade Stockholm. It is descried as a very light pearl blonde (10.21), but because my natural hair is a light brown, it does not get my hair that light but still give me a shade of blonde that I am happy with.

Another thing that I like about this hair dye is that it comes with a vitamin E enriched conditioner that is big enough to last me for a month and a Colour Extender that acts as a toner. I would love to have the colour that I see on the model, but we all need to be aware of what we’re working with. There is no way my hair can get to that pearly blonde without a salon-strength bleach so I compromised and I am happy with the result.

hair routine | miss casual

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Another step in my hair routine is the Batiste Dry Shampoo. The fragrances that I most prefer are the tropical one that instantly transports me back to a beach in Punta Cana, and the other one that I just love how it smells is the Cherry one. I am not really a floral kind of girl so I stay away from the rest. I know the white-cast that it leaves is a huge issue if you have darker hair and that they are offering choices for different hair colours, but because of my almost pearly blonde, I’m fine with it.

Because my hair is still quite fine and flat, I use the dry shampoo mainly as a styling product for volume. However, the next day I must wash my hair because it makes my scalp a bit too dry and if I don’t, it becomes itchy which we all know is not the nicest look. I am now trying a sample of the Klorane dry shampoo but I’ve only tried it once so I’ll let you know more about it soon.

hair routine | miss casual

hair routine | miss casual

These would be the main products that I use in my hair routine, the only thing that I am still not the happiest about is my shampoo. I am still on the haunt for the perfect one for an oily scalp so if you have any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. Have you tried any of the products mentioned in my hair routine? How did you like them?


hair routine | miss casual

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