Highlighter – how it changed my makeup game

I can’t even remember my makeup game before highlighter – do you ever feel like that? As mentioned before, because of my disco ball oily skin, I only started using highlighter two years ago. (did I live under a rock?)

It’s quite funny because I was literally salivating in front of every makeup tutorial when they got to the part where they are applying highlighter. I still don’t know if I would have purchased it myself, but let’s just say that somebody else aligned the stars for me.

I was still living in Romania and Paul in the UK when he came to visit holding a MAC bag. You can not imagine how my eyes sparkled! Where I used to live, the closest MAC store is at two hours away and it was only opened around 3 years ago so seeing a MAC bag is not the most common thing. As you might have guessed, the present in the bag was a highlighter, but not any highlighter, the staple – Soft and Gentle! I still use this one to the day, I’m actually wearing it now while I’m writing this blog post.

From my first experience, I kind of got a taste for highlighter so I ventured into the highly reflective Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, the more subtle but buildable Laura Geller one, a powdery Sleek one that’s perfect for an understated highlighter to the crazy duo-chrome Diamond Light one from Too faced.

My most used highlighter is the champagne toned one from MAC and then the pink-toned  Peach Glow one from Laura Geller. The MAC one will emphasize any texture that I have because of it’s consistency – even though highly reflective, it is a bit chunky. Even so, from all the highlighters that I’ve tried, this one has my most favourite undertone.

With such hyped products as highlighters, you would expect the trend to cool down soon, but honestly speaking, I don’t believe they are going anywhere. Except my makeup bag, of course!


highlighter | miss casual

highlighter | miss casual

highlighter | miss casual
MAC – Soft and Gentle
highlighter | miss casual
Laura Geller
highlighter | miss casual
Sleek – Medium 885
highlighter | miss casual
Too Faced – Diamond Light


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