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Can you tell that I am on a skin care high? While last year I bought quite a lot of makeup products, this year I bought skin care. The fact that my skin was finally improving after so many years of torture, motivated me even more to take care of it.

Last Sunday I was on a photo shooting and I was told something that never ever in my life have I heard before. They told me that my skin looked amazing. They were really nice girls and I was in fact wearing foundation, but still, they complimented my skin! If you had no problem with your skin and trying out a ton of skin care products that were not working for you, you might not understand the importance of this compliment, but for me, it really made my day!

My skins main problem is dairy. It is much easier to control what we eat here in the UK which I am so grateful about, but small accidents still happen. When we go to a restaurant, I am always nervous because I have not checked the products myself to see if they might contain dairy or not. It sounds a bit excessive, but I am so intolerant to it, that even if it says that it might contain dairy, I still break out. And you would be surprised the amount of products that do in fact contain dairy.

Because this is not yet an intolerance that is in trend and people have not heard about it, most often they do not understand it. We might be going out and when it’s dessert time, I am salivating over everything anyone else ordered, but I know I can’t have any. Usually people are nice trying to minimize the issue, telling me that I should eat even just a bit because it is not life threatening intolerance, which they are right, it is not, but it does make me break out with the most painful under the skin spots and we all know what that means to our self confidence.

Which is why I invested in skin care a lot this year. You might have seen my previous posts about my Dior serumΒ or the eye cream that I still use, but most recently I changed my moisturizer also. The one that I use now is the Origins Zero-Oil Moisture Lotion with Saw Palmetto and Mint. These three together have kept my skin at bay for the past weeks or so and I could not be happier. My skin just loves the salicylic acid in all of these products and started minimizing my pores and I get less blemishes. If I eat oily I do get a spot here and there, but they are far less frequent than they were before.

Have you tried anything from the Origins range? I was pleasantly surprised with their moisturizer so in the future I might try to add something else to my skin care routine, but for now I am almost scared to change anything because I feel like I’ve found quite a nice balance.


skin care | miss casual

skin care | miss casual

skin care | miss casual

skin care | miss casual


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  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing this post. There’s not many people who dare to talk about this topic – acne. I know your pain, I am 30 years old and suffered from cystic acne from my teenage years. I stopped eating dairy 7 months ago and I could not believe how my skin (face and also chest) cleared up! I use bea-skincare products with 15% glycolic acid a natural alpha hydroxy acid and they help keep my skin clear and under control. I am running out of my moisturiser though, so I’ll try the one you use from Origins πŸ™‚ Px

    1. Thanks a lot, Petra for sharing also! Feels good knowing that I’m not alone in this. You were mentioning a skin care brand I have not heard of before, but you made me curious so I’ll do my research. In case you do manage to try the Origins moisturizer, let me know how you like it. All the best!😘

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