How to be body confident…wearing less

The main thing about confidence is that it is a mind thing. You think it – you feel it! As if things were this easy- I admit, it is something like a gym for the mind, but the more you think it, positively, the more you believe it and your body will follow. This I really do believe!

One thing that we can all do for ourselves, and here I don’t just mean women, men are lacking confidence also, is accepting ourselves as we are. You’ll say: ok, this is easy for somebody who is skinny, but even though I am not, I have plenty of friends who are and I can assure you they are not more confident than you are. If you want to change something about your body, do smart and slow things towards that, let it adapt to the changes if you want it to work in your favour…all of this in the limits of your health, of course. Should these things not work, the best thing you can do for yourself is accept yourself as you are.

Before coming on holiday, I tried to swim regularly and I could see my body changing, but I had to admit that even so, I don’t have the body I used to when I was dancing daily. This is the reality of it! I am not as slim and muscly, but that doesn’t mean I consider this new shape of mine as a downgrade. Ok, I am frowning every time I see that cellulite but I won’t keep myself covered in the scorching heath just because of it.

What I do believe in is accepting what we have and work with it…again, improving what we have when it’s possible. We need to be realistic here! Once we accept what we have, we can work towards putting it in the best light possible. It’s all about knowing our qualities and not letting the little imperfections bother us too much.

For our holiday to Punta Cana, I went on all the online shops that have next day delivery, because I can get that impatient when I am excited, in the hopes of finding the best swimsuits for a tropical, photogenic place. I am already a big fan of Asos and gladly, it was also the place where I’ve found all three of my swim pieces and the beach bag. Funnily, two of the swimsuits are in fact River Island, but I haven’t noticed them on the River Island site. The thing is, when I chose my swimwear, I had in mind the fact that I have small breasts, a big bum, muscly legs and more of an athletic figure.

This bikini I chose for the fact that is is quite minimal, so I could get a nice tan in it, but still had the cute, feminine touch: the ruffles. Who said only little girls can wear ruffles? The secret is in choosing the right colour – that will make all the difference between a girl’s swimsuit and a woman’s…that and the size.

IMG_7407 final

IMG_7546 final

The second swimsuit I chose as more of a show piece, something to take me out of my comfort zone. This particular style helps my athletic figure look more hourglass-like and because of the pastel, tropical print, it looks gorgeous with a tan. Well, it will look when I get that tan.

IMG_8363 final

IMG_8296 final

This last swimsuit is my personal favourite of the bunch. It is such an elegant piece (actually, two pieces)! The pearl detail and the retro vibe that the high waist gives makes it look  luxurious and would be perfect for a pool party. I wore it styled with colourful red to yellow sunglasses to contrast with the pool’s bright blue – retro style brought back!

IMG_8040 final

IMG_8136 final

At the moment, I really want to get into the pool because I am overheating as my virgin Pina Colada is melting so I am finishing here with the promise that you will see many more of these posts about our Dominican holiday…and many more photos on Instagram .


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