How to make metallics wearable?

The moment the temperatures drop, I have two favorite textiles I think about: knit and anything metallic. For some reason I don’t really associate summer with metallics, only for music festivals. But the moment autumn is around the corner and especially winter, I could shower in metallics. Now let’s see which are the ways we can wear them without them being so obvious or on the contrary, with them being the center piece.


Metallic patch

I came across this dress when we were preparing the under £100 outfit from Boohoo and I loved how simple it is, yet how much my eyes are drawn to that metallic patch. Ooo, I forgot to say, I don’t really discriminate metallics, but I am yet to come across something gold that does not look like a costume so I’d rather go for silver or any shade of copper and bronze.

This dress in particular was made interesting because of the different textures it’s made of. Of course our eyes jump straight to the metallic patch, but I absolutely love the black, white and copper combination. So if you feel like you do want to venture into wearing metallics, but a full body garment is intimidating, this dress made it easy for you to start.

metallics | miss casual

Dress – BOOHOO



Is there an age when I should stop wearing sequins? I hope you will say that there absolutely is not!:) Because I plan on wearing them for a few more years. I love how playful any outfit that has sequins can become. The moment these little sparkly things catch the light, the magic of the outfit happens. This is why when I usually wear sequins, I prefer a simple cut like the T-shirt dress I mentioned in a previous post.

Sequins are playful, but we still need quite a lot of confidence to wear them because whether we want it or not,they will attract attention. So if the previous way to wear metallics was a bit more understated, this is completely in our faces.

boohoo outfit | miss casual

Dress – BOOHOO


The party dress

The moment I saw this very unusual color on a hanger in Zara, it spoke to me. And it was saying, take me home so that I can show you how nicely I can shine. Haha! This is the most unusual colour I ever wore – think about a bronze and a mustard that were made metallic, but a bit more understated.

There is no secret that I am nuts about wrap dresses, but when they come in metallics, I am sold. I will not lie, this dress will fit you better if you have a bigger chest, but it was not completely uncomfortable for me to wear either. Maybe I wish I would have stick it down so that I will not be tempted to check but other than that, it was a comfortable metallic party dress.

metallics | Miss Casual

Dress – Zara


The silver coat

This is one of the pieces that caught my eyes at the beginning of the year and I am still not over it. For one, I love aviator jackets, and if they are over-sized, they are even more comfortable. For some reason I started thinking how many knits I can layer underneath it – I think I will close the window in the room I am writing the post. Next thing you know, I am talking about Christmas with the cold that is coming from outside.

Talking about Christmas though…I kind of want my Christmas tree in silver this year, just like my aviator jacket. This one had a very soft lining and a tougher looking exterior so it’s perfect when you want the sensation that you are hiding but because it’s such a bold metallic colour, everybody will notice you.

metallics | miss casual

Coat – River Island (similar)


I am pretty sure that if I were to write this blog post in half a year, especially that the colder season has just started, I would have attached a few more ideas. Let’s see, if I find something really interesting, I might write an updated version of how to wear metallics.

What about you? Do you feel it’s intimidating wearing metallics or once you get used to them, they are just like satin or any other shiny textile?



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