How to wear a suit 3 ways | Paris edition

The Parisian series continue with a suit. Sounds a bit unappealing, doesn’t it? But this is not your regular Canary Wharf suit, nor for the colour or the cut. My purpose here is to show you how I styled a suit either as separates or together to make it look casual, chic or good for the after work drinks.

I was never ever into suits. It’s only recently that the tailoring bug bit me and I started looking at them not only as something functional and uniform like, but as something stylish and versatile. Watching Project Runway recently, might have influenced the way I see “the suit” now, but I honestly feel that my horizon has just expanded.

First of all, I chose a colour that is as far away from black, navy or grey as I could. Plus, this dusty purple gave me the option of making the suit more girly if I wanted or on the contrary, wear it in a true power dressing way. Just pun on a baby pink ruffle shirt and you will make this suit look like the girliest thing or wear only the jacket with some leather pants and stilettos for a cool effect.


Make it comfy

Paris…and Venice make me think of stripes. So for the most casual outfit, I paired the bottom part of the suit with a striped T-shirt and white sneakers. Hihi, Paris made me do it and this outfits was really the most comfy thing to wear when you’re exploring Paris for the first time. I am now a fan of down-dressing suits with sneakers and I guess if you travel a long way to work, this combo is also practical.

Because I wanted a playful background for this outfit, I actually did something for the first time. Went on a carousel! I don’t remember if I ever did it as a child, I guess Mom will tell me after she reads this post. Certainly, as an adult, this was my first time. Did I feel like a child? Most definitely! Did people look suprised to see me? Oh yes, but the good kind of surprised. I think they secretly wanted to do it also 🙂

suit | miss casual


Make it chic

By now you know how practical I am. I love heels, and I think the leg looks better in heels than in anything else, but when you have to walk, I’m sorry, I ditch the heels. So for this outfit, I wore both pieces of the suit, but with a twist. I have put on white sneakers instead of heels and a cross body bag. This is a style that I would call chic, but with a touch of masculinity in it.

However, when it comes to this style, it’s all about the attitude. Especially this suit, where the top is slightly over-sized, you need to be careful for it not to drown you. If the trousers are a perfect fit, everything is slightly easier and you can experiment as you wish on top. I added the bag – one for practical reasons, and two: because I wear it cross body and that makes my entire outfit look more casual. This makes the entire outfit look like I don’t take my suit for what it is, I won’t let it make me look too polished and put together when it’s not really what I was aiming for.

suit | miss casual


Make it evening

I am a big fan of underwear. I think it can really change our perception of ourselves. When it comes to underwear worn as if they’re clothes…I’ve been reluctant for the longest time. However, I did find a way to wear a bodysuit, without making it look like it belongs underneath.

Again, I am very practical so I would wear the suit to work and then, when it’s evening drinks’ time, I would just unbutton/ get rid of the jacket and taaa-daa! a completely new outfit. This bodysuit in particular is quite sexy, but without really showing anything too much.

For this shoot, we almost ran (actually we walked really fast) from the Eiffel Tower to this beautiful bridge to be mesmerized by the most beautiful sunset that we’ve ever seen. Just as usual, we were surrounded by wedding photographers and other Instagrammers…it was a popular shooting place, what can I say. A cliche, but a must!

suit | miss casual

suit | miss casual

suit | miss casual


Suit blazer – Vila

Suit trousers – Vila

Bodysuit – Asos

I am very curious now if you like wearing suits and if you didn’t use to like them before reading this post, have I changed your opinion…maybe just a bit? As I said before, I was really not a fan of suits, I thought they make me look plain and masculine, but gladly, fashion has evolved quite a lot and now we can easily find a feminine suit that we can wear as we wish.



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