How to wear leather trousers for Spring

Some might argue that leather trousers can not be worn in the spring and summer. Although let’s make a few things clear first. You can wear whatever you like, whenever you like (using your common sense) and also, spring and sometimes even summer in the UK does not mean heat. I do agree though that when I think of spring, my mind does not instantly go to leather trousers, maybe only leather jackets. Faux or real – your choice!

It’s needless to say that I am such a big fan of leather trousers, especially the less tighter ones for the fact that they are an easy cut to wear. Because of this, I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my spring outfits, and I’ve found multiple. The simplest solution to wearing leather trousers any season, if the weather permits it, is dressing them down.

1. Flowy florals

I know florals for spring are a cliche, but It’s one that I  love and continue reinforcing. My go-to florals are really tiny and more spaced from each other so that they won’t have that table cloth vibe. Even though the sleeves are long, the flowy material of the top will make the print look less winter appropriate and more- the sun is out- let’s have fun with our clothes. To tone the leather trousers down even more, I paired them with a floral, flared sleeves top that is slightly over-sized so that I can wear it tucked in.

2. It’s all in the accessories

You’ll see in the following pictures that have I not worn the floral belt and the beaded statement earrings in the bright red – this look would have been perfect for a rock concert. This way, it’s more of a shy Coachella outfit, but hearing how hot it gets there, we’d be boiling in a matter of seconds wearing this outfit. It’s perfect for British weather though.

3. The occasion top

This is an easy one – you either look for silk top or a satin one, but the trick stays in the top looking ethereal against the seriousness of the leather trousers. I always loved contrast in my outfits, this one being probably one of my favourites.

4. Lace + florals

This might be one of the trickier ones. Leather and lace is a combination that makes me think more of evening wear than day wear. So to make it more appropriate for day, I threw in the mix a flower kimono type blazer. I am head over heels over embroidery,  but I don’t want my outfit to look too girly so a bit of lace and leather should do the trick.

leather trousers - miss casual

I was a bit (very!) slow in telling you about about this promotion, but even though it’s late, and think it’s worth mentioning it. The UK Glamorous brand (here or on Asos) had these goodies bags promotion for St. Patrick’s Day with 3 options: 3 items at £5, 5 items at £10 and 10 items at £20. The items found could be clothing or accessories and you were able to pick your size. I opted for the 10 items goodie bag and I received 3 accessories and 7 items of clothing from which I loved 8! I must say that it was a really good deal, and a good opportunity to try more from what the brand has to offer. Who else is scrolling like crazy on their feed now that Coachella pictures are up?

The accessory that I don’t see myself wearing is a chain harness that has a huge turquoise-like stone in the middle. Although I love the idea of such a chain, this one in particular was too chunky for me. The other item that will not go into my collection is a white skirt with Gucci-like stripes on the side. I am not saying it’s a complete and utter “no”, but for the moment, I don’t see myself wearing it.

The rest of the items are featured in the images, mixed in with the leather trousers. Even though the promotion has long finished, I would say – keep an eye our for similar promotions because judging by this one, they are really worth it. I  almost pressed the post button when I had a look on the UK Glamorous site and found out that they have something very similar to what I was referring to earlier, called the Mistery Bags.

Back to leather trousers, how do you like wearing them, if you wear them at all. If you are from the UK, do you agree that they can be easily worn during Spring? Which outfit do you see yourself wearing?

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