I attended the Glamour Beauty Festival!

First, I didn’t want to leave, but then, after the one hour trip by the lovely tube, I couldn’t wait to get home to make myself a nice cup of tea and lounge on the sofa with my notebook nearby. This is one of those experiences that I waited to write down, just to relive it one more time.

It’s my first time attending any Beauty Festival. I heard so many beauty gurus talking about them, but I just didn’t have the chance to do it myself. Even better, it’s a beauty festival organised by one of my favourite magazines : Glamour and it doesn’t involve only makeup, which you know by now that it’s one of my weaknesses, but hair, skin care, wellness, nail and fragrance also. Such a bliss!

Being part of the Glamour Beauty Club, which you can be also, for free, my mail box was overflowing with messages about the Glamour Beauty Festival. That happened to be a very smart thing to do because a few months ago I was very bad with reading my mail…now I’m less bad:) So have they not sent so many messages, it would have taken me longer to decide, When I did decide to go, which was a few seconds after I read the mail, I bought tickets for both Paul and I. You would be surprised to find out that he was not the only man at the Festival, but even so, we all loved making jokes about him being there…especially himself. At the entrance, the lovely ladies joked about how good the Kat von D makeup will look on him. Ok, we didn’t try that out, but we did try what Elizabeth Arden had to offer.

The Glamour Beauty Festival took place at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea and it was set up in a way that made you enjoy it. The space was open…but not in the open air gladly because it was the gloomiest day in London, but it was so spacious that even though there was a lot of us, curious people, you could still see everything without being overwhelmed.

The first zone that we checked out, after the loo, was the hair zone. We could choose from 4 brands to do our hair: Schwarzkopf, Batiste, GHD and OGX. Even though I plan on buying a GHD straightener and would have been a good occasion to try it out, I went for the braid bar that used OGX products. Now, looking back at the pictures and Instagram stories, I am so glad I went for a little hair pampering because I loved and never had this hairstyle. How would you call this – space buns? I went to work with this the next day and I received compliments on the tube, which if you are from London, you know that no interaction happens on the tube, so you can imagine my surprise.

After we treated ourselves to a little prosecco and took the absolutely necessary picture at the Gurlain flower wall, we went to admire the makeup zone. Each brand had a couple of makeup artists working their magic on smiley faces and you could choose from Kat von D, Nars, Laura Mercier, Revlon and Nude by Nature. In front of each brand, the queue was too long for our over excitement so we skipped the makeovers, but went for the previously mentioned Elizabeth Arden’s Oxygen Blast in the Skincare zone…this was the most calming thing my face has experienced: it felt like I finally drank enough water and slept a day and a night. Although, when we got to the skincare zone, it was not easy to choose: Pixi was offering a radiance treatment, Fresh a facial and Caudalie their typical facial also.

A few other brands need to be mentioned also and amongst them Twinings with the yummi teas and Philips. I am now trying out the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL for that nasty hair that keeps on needing removing, so I was curious to see what else they’ve got and I already have another purchase on my wish list: the VisaPure Advanced 3-in-1 Home Facial.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and really hope that the Glamour team will do the 4th edition also, and many more. Also, I saw Alessandra Steinherr, Glamour’s Beauty Director, and after having the slightest glance at her beautifully radiant skin, convinced me to read her reviews with much much more interest.

Thank you, GLAMOUR!

Have you been at the Festival? If you have, which was your favourite part about it?

P.S. This time the photos are done with a Samsung 8 and not with our usual camera so please excuse the poorer quality:D


20180309_175713 final

20180309_180331 final

The Hair Zone

20180309_180430 final1

20180309_180552 final

The beautiful work of theĀ OGX Braid Bar

20180309_185007 final

Do you want one or do you trust me to drink both? (Prosecco Raffaello)

20180309_184611 final

Apparently not!

20180309_184617 final

Ok, let’s be serious in the next one

20180309_185305 final

You must be kidding me:))

20180309_185306 final

Kat von D Beauty <3

20180309_184847 final

20180309_190048 final

20180309_190230 final

These products smell heavenly!

20180309_190347 final

The Goodie bag was so heavy, we needed a break at the Philips Zone

20180309_193313(0) final

Sneak peek time!

IMG_7345 final


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