Improvised Christmas tree

We are about mid-way doing the Christmas tree. When I say doing, I don’t mean decorating, I really mean doing it from scratch, from going into the woods and finding some twigs, cutting them to size, tying them together and then decorating them. Let me tell you, from that beautiful Pinterest picture of the Scandinavian style Christmas tree, to what we have now…only mid-way, it’s a lot of work. Gladly, I don’t do it alone. Sometimes I find that my mind is so artistic that it forgets to think of practical stuff like how tall the tree should be, to keep the same distance between twigs. This is engineering stuff, not creative stuff. Here is where Paul comes in the picture, the truth is, not only here. Most of my ideas I discuss with him because even though he doesn’t work in the creative field, he has a good mind for it and always challenges whatever ideas I come up with to see if they are possible to do or not.

Last year, since I was newly moved-in into London, I didn’t have a Christmas tree, but I did decorate the one from back home so that at least my parents will have it. This year I called to see what is the situation with the tree. My parents were so funny, dad was the one who decorated it (he was usually my assistant). I always got the impression that they are not that into Christmas but they keep the tradition going for me. It just gives me so much joy. I am even surprised that this year I didn’t get bored of it and I managed to keep my enthusiasm levels up considering that for the stores, X-mas started mid October. I remember being so surprised! Still, I love discovering all the British traditions when it comes to the Holidays. In Romania we don’t do any Pudding, we make a nice assortment of cakes and cookies and a lot of very heavy to digest food like stuffed cabbage and boeuf salad with mayonnaise. Do we have anything that look like the crackers? I remember wondering what those were. Unfortunately I can’t be very adventurous when it comes to food even though I would love to be. After moving to London, I realised I am dairy intolerant and you would be surprised how many things contain dairy. From all the sweets to salami, sausages and almost everything that comes in a powder form. That’s it! I am getting used to it now. For gluten allergies you can still find a few options, not so many, but you do. For dairy free though, is another story. I am craving like mad for pizza at the moment and I know there is one single specimen at Whole Foods, but I am yet to try it. On the other hand, I ate a lot of Asia food lately and I am planning on a few yummi meals so stay tuned, I might come up with some pictures.

What should I try to British up my Christmas?

IMG_3689 final

IMG_3770 final

IMG_3768 final

IMG_3731 final

IMG_3767 final

IMG_3737 final

IMG_3775 final

IMG_3765 final

IMG_3755 final

IMG_3774 final

IMG_3680 final

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