Influencers that inspire me    

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There are a lot of uber-talented influencers out there and there is always space for new faces, but the ones that I go back to over and over again, have caught my eye for multiple reasons. It’s either their talent, their sense of style, their very juicy hauls, but most of the time, it’s their personalities.

  1. Kathleen Lights – Youtube channel

The best example in this sense is Kathleen Lights who, as she says herself, was not a trained makeup artist when she started her Youtube channel, but she learned a lot along the way. What she lacked in experience, she compensated with hard work and the kind of personality that really makes you feel like you could definitely be friends with her. Is she now a well-known Youtuber with 3M followers, who has done multiple successful collaborations and has her own brand? Oh yes, she is!

2. Aimee Song –  Youtube channel

Another influencer who has the same lovable, magnetic personality is Aimee Song from Song of Style. She was a professional Instagrammer even back then when I would still ask my geekier friends what that is and they would funnily roll their eyes in response. On top of her style and her “take me home” personality, I love the fact that she really gives us insight on the industry. Her very casual but nonetheless entertaining interviews with the people who already made it are priceless. The first advice that all these people give us, who want to infiltrate ourselves into the industry, is to do internships, to “tail” a person who made it to see how she/he deals with things, what her/his job actually consists of, to make ourselves useful and continue learning…practically, to continue to be curious. If you have questions about the industry, she is the person who will tell you how she manages to travel that much, how she earns her money, if in order to be a successful influencer, you need a manager, and other questions alike. I asked these questions myself. Have you noticed how there is no recipe for how to make it in this industry? Do you know what this means? That you can create your own way, as long as you are dedicated and willing to learn.

3. Linda Hallberg – Blog

I love going to Linda Hallberg’s blog for makeup ideas. This woman is so creative! I have to admit that even though I love writing about beauty myself, I don’t always have patience to read about it so what I sometimes do is check out her blog just for the pictures since she posts a look every single day.

4. Ohh Couture – Blog

Leonie’s blog and instagram motivates me so much! For me, her blog is like a fantasy that I want to live myself. This woman is gorgeous and due to the way she writes, she seems such a kind person. I find her blog perfect to be read on the tube, on my way to work.

5. Tamara Kalinic – Instagram

Tamara Kalinic’s hauls are a guilty pleasure that I love feeding. Because she invests so much money in her job, she always has “hot” items that are also very versatile. I wouldn’t mind going through her wardrobe, even though I consider her style much more feminine than mine.

6. Tati Westbrook – Youtube channel

First, I am proudly counting myself among the people that used to watch Tati’s videos even way back then when she didn’t have a room dedicated to her passion, and no professional lights at all. Second, I love the fact that she posts 5 days a week which means that when something new is being released, it is more likely that she reviewed it. On top of that, I trust her judgement so she has become the first person I go to when I’m curious about a product.

7. Mikuta & Klemens – Blog

This is a blog that I quickly developed an obsession for and I devoured it in a few days. It is really easy to read and their photos are so eye-catching. I am always sharing their photos with Paul, who is a big fan of the dramatic edit that they use. The fact is, if I were to randomly see a photo taken by them, thanks to their unique editing, I would recognise the picture as being one of theirs.

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Coat – Zara here

Earrings – Boohoo  similar here

Makeup – Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Pallette here


IMG_1043 final

Jacket – Boohoo here

Trousers – H&M  here

Boots – Topshop  similar here

IMG_9602 final2

Top – Little white lies here

Trousers and boots – Zara (old collection)

IMG_1019 final

Dress – Boohoo  here

IMG_9598 final




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  1. Whoa! I love the fact that you compiled a list of people who inspire you! Inspirarion is much needed and I gotta say, girl… you got some balls putting other people in the spotlight. Love it!

    Stunning photos, as usual! 😍

    1. Thank you, baby! Much appreciated! This was just a quick list I’ve put together. You can imagine that after pressing “post”, I remembered at least 3 more people that I haven’t written about😁

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