Jewellery that screams summer

I almost jumped and started telling you more about our Paris trip when I realized that I still have so many things to say that needs its own blog post. Would be a pity not to dedicate even more space to a birthday trip that felt like a honeymoon for us. This blog post though, is something long coming and it’s all about that summer jewellery.

From all the jewellery that I own, earrings are probably my most favourite so I need to warn you now, you’ll see plenty of them. Second favourite must be necklaces for which the “more is more” rule applies perfectly. Especially after this Parisian weekend, I feel more inspired to experiment with my clothes and especially summer jewellery. We might have sat down at a few of the chic cafes, sipping on coffee and people watching so you can imagine we are now full of ideas.

When I choose my jewellery that I wear, I am highly influenced by the season. I wish I could go against it and wear pineapple earrings for Christmas, but something just feels forced for me. I love the playfulness of summer accessories, just as much as I love the elegance of the winter ones, so why not wear both style at their own time.

There is no secret that I like statement earrings so you will see plenty of them here. The secret with them is to test to see if they are light enough.  There is nothing worse than feeling your beloved earring dragging down your earlobe. When I was in high school, I still loved statement earring, it’s just then, the earrings were really, really heavy and my ears suffered tremendously.

At the moment, I am more understated when it comes to necklaces, I prefer the dainty type. But only a few years ago, I would always borrow Mom’s semi-precious stone necklaces, especially the turquoise one because ever since I know myself, I have been into turquoise.

Enough rambling, let’s get into the photos of my summer jewellery.


summer jewellery | miss casual

Earrings – Claire Hill

summer jewellery | miss casual

Top Necklace – Lola Rose

summer jewellery | miss casual
@alinaraducea for Lola Rose

Pebble Necklace – Lola Rose

Oval Necklace – Lola Rose

summer jewellery | miss casual

Necklace – Claire Hill

summer jewellery | miss casual

Earrings – Weekday

summer jewellery | miss casual

Earrings – Asos

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