Jo Malone on the Jurrasic Coast

We thought we haven’t travelled enough in 2017, so we went on a very late road trip…like last day of the year late. We know where we’re going and what we want to shoot. but we don’t know how much that will take us and how tired we could get, especially Paul who is driving. Safety first!

At the moment, we are so excited, that we can’t go to sleep even though when we set the alarm, we had just a little more than 5 hours of sleep to go, and that was an hour ago. It’s fair to say that we are up for one of these two scenarios: one in which we’ll be celebrating the New Year in our flat or the other one in which we’ll have to book an overpriced room somewhere along the Jurrasic Coast. I am glad I can’t use my handwriting on the blog because this first part has been written in bed, almost in the dark…well, as dark as it can get in London. The second part though, will be written in a more conventional way, after we return from the coast. For now, we should go to sleep or at 4 when the phone rings, we’ll be zombies.

A day later…

We ended up celebrating the NYE at home because we’ve been that productive! Just kidding, the rain didn’t really let us do much. We’ve been lucky for the Durdle Door part, but not with the Old Harry Rocks that we also wanted to see. British weather, what can I say?

Now let’s talk about the perfume featured in this post. My friends already know that I have a problem with perfumes, I think I got it from my mom, but if the perfume is too floral or sweet I get an instant headache. Really, it’s been a few times that I had to change my seat on the tube because the lady next to me was wearing a headache worthy perfume. Then, because my skin pH is a bit acidic, it transforms every perfume in a strange way and I end up not liking it anymore. Mostly, I like men’s perfumes but I am not daring enough to wear one so until recently, my only choices were unisex ones.

One day I was working in Shoreditch and a lady came into the boutique to kill some time and I was immediately drawn to her perfume. Luckily she was quite friendly so I asked her what she’s wearing and turns out, she was wearing Jo Malone’s ¨Orange Blossom¨. So naturally, the next time I found myself near a Jo Malone boutique, which was soon because there is a small one in Shoreditch, I tried that one on. First sniff, – I loved it, but then again because of my pH, it turned a bit more floral than citrus and I couldn’t get myself to buy it just to spray it on my clothes. Gladly, I am quite patient so every time I was in a Jo Malone boutique or counter, I tried one of the perfumes and wore it for the entire day to see how I like it later.

That’s when I found my winner : Earl Grey and Cucumber. Quite a strange combination of scents come to think of it, but this is what I like about their perfumes in general. They put together scents that I love when cooking and this scent in particular I can hardly help myself not to put it on my salad but I settle for just drenching myself in it. Next up I might look into room scents, but for now I am so happy with my choice!

What else should I try from Jo Malone? Have you tried any of the candles?



IMG_4507 final

IMG_4541 final

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