Knit + corduroy for the transitional season

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A few years ago, if you were to tell me that I will wear corduroy trousers, I would have laughed like no other. This was, like most of us, my childhood nightmare. Regardless if it’s the transitional season or not, I stood as away as possible from anything corduroy. Knit on the other hand, I was always a fan. However I never thought about wearing them together.

Let’s start with knit! I will find any excuse to wear knits. There is something so cosy about them that after the summer is gone and temperatures have dropped under 18 degrees, you will see me wearing knits. This year though, I wanted to skip wearing a jacket and tried to see if a knit blouse would be suitable to replace it. And the answer is yes…if you don’t need to use the tube. I was not scorching hot because every time the wind blew I could feel a light cooling breeze, but because of the knitted blouse, I was still a pleasant temperature.

Another combination that I love doing in the transitional period is knit blouses with dresses or skirts and boots of course. Knits and boots fall in the same category for me: things that I can’t wait to wear. I don’t need any convincing with these two.

For these pictures we went to this very unique place in London -Neal’s Yard. Actually, we went for our tummy, for some acai bowl/ porridge bowl, but the background was so colourful and nice, that we couldn’t help ourselves and take pictures. Another good thing to do in the transitional season: eat as many vitamins as possible so we did devour a porridge with fruits.

Now about corduroy! For me this textile is the big underdog. When I saw that it’s coming back in trend I said – no way I will let myself influenced by it. I was still remembering my childhood corduroy which was tough, ugly most of the time but very practical so yes – our parents made us wear it. Then I forgot that this transitional season will be all about corduroy until I went shopping and there it was – everywhere.

Now I have to admit that it was not as bad as I remembered. The clothing styles were modern, something I would totally wear so I had to get over being dramatic about it and just try it on. I tried on a pair of trousers in white which except the fact that fit like a glove, were feeling much better than the corduroy I remembered from years ago. And that is how it made a come-back in my eyes.

Also, I know that when you think of the transitional season you think of coppers, burnt brick colours, emeralds but this time, I went in the exact opposite direction and I wore all white. Lately I had problems wearing white because everything is just sooo see-through but gladly, I can’t say the same about knit and corduroy.

What are your thoughts on wearing knit for the transitional season? And I am even more curious what you think about corduroy. Is it still an underdog or has it redeem it’s place in the worn textile world?


transitional season outfit | Miss Casual

Knit blouse – Zara (similar)

Corduroy trousers –Zara

transitional season outfit | Miss Casual

transitional season outfit | Miss Casual

transitional season outfit | Miss Casual

transitional season outfit | Miss Casual

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