Knit your way through X-mas

Something that I love with all my heart, that is not as time-consuming as dancing, is travelling. I don’t do it enough, or at least, I don’t do it as much as I wish I did. I am trying to consider my commute as being ¨travelling¨, but for now, I am not one of those people who have nerves of steel when it comes to crowds, people rushing, long tube rides and so on. Sometimes I realise that I would gain a lot just by changing my perception, but this is a skill I have yet to master. When I am on my off-days though, even if I take the same tube as I do on a working day, I already enjoy it more and I feel like I am travelling.

One thing that I like when I get to satisfy this pleasure of mine, is to be comfortable. this doesn’t mean I travel in my pyjamas, but I like being cosy. Most often I would go for trousers and a sweater…if I am not lucky enough to travel to warmer climates, and then I make the look more interesting with accessories. Most of the sweaters I travel with are either over-sized or if not, really, really comfy. Forget about the scratchy materials or about the turtle necks that are too high that make you feel like you need to share you Oxygen with them. When it comes to travel outfits, absolutely nothing beats comfort. Then, you can use the same outfit to take the ever so cliche Instagram picture in front of the fire place, that I can’t get enough of. I am just annoyed at myself that more than a week of winter has passed and I still didn’t find a fire place photogenic enough.

I have found some snow, though. I am leaving you now with 4 of these really comfy sweaters…one is actually from the pyjama section but it was so cute, I couldn’t help myself. This time we experimented with closer shots also so that you can see the actual texture of the jumpers and the jewellery. If you are curious about the jewellery, all I can tell you is that a new blog post on it will be coming soon:)


  1. The one you will wear at a pillow fight…and not only here

IMG_3204 final

IMG_3162 final

IMG_3145 final

IMG_3198 final


2. The one that makes you eat pistachio here

IMG_3233 final

IMG_3253 final

IMG_3237 final

IMG_3261 final


3. The one that still makes you crave for pumpkin similar here

IMG_3401 final1

IMG_3445 final1

IMG_3456 final1

IMG_3459 final1

IMG_3437 final1


4. The one that brings the snow here

IMG_3503 final

IMG_3497 final1

IMG_3544 final1

IMG_3568 final1

IMG_3607 final1

IMG_3510 final

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