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I can now say that I’ve trialed a decent number of liquid lipsticks and know what I want from them. I have really dry lips so I need to stay away from the extremely drying formula, but then, my lips are uneven so I need a liquid lipstick to be creamy enough to redraw my lips shape. The one formula that I go back to every single time and I would not mind owning every single shade, is Kat von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I wouldn’t mind having even the turquoise in the collection, I would probably not wear it much but every single shade has such a unique undertone.

I first came across these liquid lipstick a year and a half ago when I moved to London. I knew about the brand from Youtube and I was before I got to the actual store. I even recommended somebody to buy a present for a friend of mind, one of the most popular shades – Lolita. When you get to the counter, you might be overwhelmed because there are 54 colours in the collection. Some are crazy bright and there’s little chance that you will find the same one in any other brand, and some are wearable, work appropriate.


liquid lipsticks | miss casual

1. Work appropriate

I have two shades that I wear for work on repeat. I am now referring to a classic job where your makeup has to be natural, not overpowering your features or your set of skills. If you work for Kat von D, they’d probably encourage you to experiment with colour.

One of the shades, and the first one I bought is Lolita. This is not the original shade, even though I wouldn’t mind that one either, but the first remake, that is a brown nude. This colour makes me look serious, ready for business and slightly more mature, which in job dictionary is more reliable. This is the shade that I wore to my interviews.

The second shade that I wear to work because it brightens up my complexion, is Berlin. In the tube, it looks like a very bright summery pink, but once on the lips, it becomes quite a wearable pink.

liquid lipsticks | miss casual

2. Summer joy

I was about to write “summertime” when my mind wandered away from the post to how Janis Joplin sings the Summertime song. I know, it’s way before my generation but my parents introduced me to such great music that it stayed with me till today:D

Back to the post, I was about to write that summertime is when we go for brighter colours.  The rays of sun, the heat and our new tan gives us the perfect excuse to take out those neon bright liquid lipstick shades. One of my recent purchases and my favourite among the brighter colours is A-Go-Go. This is a see from the plane slightly neon orange-red. Did I confuse you now? Even if I only got a few hours sleep, this colour brightens up everything that can be brightened…except coffee, that is still a must.

Now for summer’s pink, I chose Beloved. This is a colour I think I can’t pull off if I am not tanned. It’s more of a pastel pink which, if I am not wearing the right makeup, might make me look washed out. So summer it is then!

liquid lipsticks | miss casual

3. The odd one

This is one of the first colour that I bought also and I actually wore it a lot that winter. i am talking about the Damned shade. It’s such a dark burgundy brown…makes me think of all the Vampire series I watched in the past few years. This colour would be perfect if you like something dark on the lips but don’t want to go for black.

The only drawback is that if you eat while wearing Damned, it is a bit harder to reapply. What I mean by this is that when we eat oily food, it’s most likely that only the liquid lipstick from the center of our lips rubs off, the rest stays intact. So when we reapply, it is quite hard to reapply only to the center but if you put an extra coat of this shade, it looks thick. This does not happen though, with any of the other shades mentioned.

liquid lipsticks | miss casual

Have I made you curious yet? Keep in mind that I have terribly dry lips. This liquid lipstick still dries out my lips but not too badly. The thing is, I don’t need to reapply this lipstick throughout the day only if I eat, and even then, I might still be able to pull it off. Which of the colours is your favourite?

liquid lipsticks | miss casual


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