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A few posts back I was telling you how Christmas for me is about family, food, catching up with your friends and parties. Although, Christmas is also about taking some time off from the hustle and bustle of the city and of everyday life, pampering yourself. For the last few years, the period before Christmas was full of dance rehearsals because it somehow happened that we always had a new show coming up right before the Holiday season, and last year was more about finishing with my last show with the National Theatre back home and getting everything ready for the new life I was going to start in the UK.

While last year I had no idea what I was going to do with myself since I was so new to this country that I didn’t even have a job, this year I have a stable work place, I got engaged to that amazing person that you so often see tagged in my pictures since he is also my photographer, we moved in together, we started this blog that you are reading now and I feel like I am getting ready for all the amazing things that are still to come.

I am quite an introspective person, but if i don’t take my own time for it, I just stop doing it. Which is why I like creating situations for me that are so relaxing that my mind starts pacing down and starts being creative. I can’t remember exactly if the author is Agatha Christie, but I remember mom telling me about a writer who said in an interview that most of her ideas come when she is washing the dishes. She said that this is such a boring and mechanical activity, that she can’t help but be creative. That is what taking a bath is for me.

I must admit that I haven’t heard of Lush before I moved to the UK. Even after I moved here, I must say that my nose got acquainted with the brand before I did. I don’t particularly like the strong scent of their products, but it is a very recognisable one and you would know if you find yourself close to a Lush shop, even before you actually see it.

It was one of my friends who got me into Lush bath bombs. She still lives in Romania, but every time she or her boyfriend come to London, they don’t leave empty-handed, but with a bunch of bath bombs. So one time, when I was looking for a present for her, I thought I would add in a couple of Bath Bombs and that’s when I became curious to try them and the rest is not even history, but the bubbly reality.

I feel safe trying any skincare from the brand, I will have an option to try the non-preservatives formula, that doesn’t last that long and you really have to keep an eye on the expiration date, or the formula that does have preservatives, but natural ones. Even the bath bombs are a combination of natural ingredients (Essential oils) and safe synthetic ones. More than this, if you are taking the route of a cruelty-free life, they have a range of vegan products that you can choose from. It is safe to say that none of their products are tested on animals and they do their own research when it comes to the companies that provide their ingredients so that they make sure that these companies don’t test on animals either.

InStyle! has a cute video of how Lush bath bombs are made, check it out if you are curious. I chose one bath bomb, one bath melt and two bubble bars from their Christmas collection. I am yet yo try the last three, but the bomb I am absolutely fascinated with.

After writing this post and going a bit deeper into researching this British Brand, I got even more hooked. Should you want to try anything from them, you can find their site  here

IMG_3304 final

IMG_3388 final


The Magic of Christmas – Bubble bar

IMG_3348 final


The Dawn of Metamorphosis – Bath Bomb

IMG_3357 final


Snow Angel – Bath Melt

IMG_3351 final


The Snowman – Bubbleroon

IMG_3360 final


Just kidding, this is chocolate

IMG_3365 final

IMG_3323 final

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