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Us, girls, are known for having a soft spot for glitter so it is safe to say that MAC did it right (yet again) with their Holiday Collection. Last year was glittery also with the Mariah Carey Collection, but this year they took it all to another level. First, with how many products they have in the collection…in case you didn’t know what to wear for the holiday season parties, Mac has you covered, but also, the packaging is so stunning, it feels like a collectors piece. I am actually curious who the designer is.

I have to admit, since I only have one proud representative (Here comes joy), I had to watch a small ton of videos on Youtube, which made me feel like Christmas came two months too early. I hope we don’t lose our enthusiasm until then.

I misunderstood the date of the release (obviously), so when I realised that the collection is already in store, I tried my luck at the MAC store in Carnaby, London. The display was beautiful and strategically placed at the entrance, but the store was completely overcrowded and the music was so loud, I just felt like I had to buy ¨my stuff¨ quickly and get going. What is this? A marketing strategy to hurry up customers? Still, I have to say that I am happy with my purchase.

I thought I was buying a highlighter, so I tried to use it as one, which only made me build up the colour until it did look like a soft highlighter, but the colour was just on the verge of being too dark for my skin tone. Still, I loved it so much that I wanted to make it work so I tried it as a blush topper. Had you told me a few months ago that I will actually put something shimmery on the apple of my cheeks, I would have told you that you don’t know anything about me and my super oily skin.

After all these experiments, I thought it’s time to read the sticker on the back of the product and it turns out my ¨highlighter¨ is actually an opalescent Face Powder…everything made sense now and HERE CAME JOY!:))

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Mac – HERE COMES JOY (Face Powder)

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