Maya K Collab! Pineapple T-shirt on the beach

It all started on Instagram, as most things happen for our generation. I don’t remember if it was me who commented first on her pictures or if it was her, but soon after that, we were following each other (in a social media way, not a creepy one) and started DM-ing (direct messaging for Mom). I liked her catchy picture descriptions and how fun the T-shirts were, it was only later that I found out that it is her who does the T-shirts, but I’ll tell you more about this later. ย The next step was to meet face to face. Regardless of how technology orientated we seem, we are still old school this way – we like meeting people and having conversations and this is something I plan to keep. If you live in any big city, you know that planning things is a bit difficult because of the distances and the different schedules – all three of us have full time jobs and both Maya and I work weekends, so it was more a matter of luck, but we did it!

So one freezing cold evening we met up for drinks and food on Regent Street because it was the most convenient for all, we met in the middle. I found out later that the way to her heart was through her stomach and more specifically, burgers. This is something that Maya and Paul spent some time debating where the best burger can be found in London and 5 minutes into our dinner we already promised we’d have to meet up for another one…at a burger place.

Let me tell you more about her: she is a painter-designer originally from Greece, but has been living in London for the past few years. She is one of us who have our drawers overflowing but still has nothing to wear, but she is also one of those who do something creative about it. She started painting T-shirts in 2010 and as any art form, it evolved as she became a grown-up and started changing her style of painting and expanding into sweatshirts and I’m sure we’ll soon see what else she has in mind. I must say I love the water colour style that she uses at the moment and I was ecstatic when she kindly gifted me her Pineapple T for our holiday to Punta Cana. Knowing that I’ll be fake tanned and sweaty, I first asked how to wash it because I was too concerned about the pineapple washing off, but she assured me that as long as I wash it on a easy-care programme that goes up to 40 ยฐC, I’ll be fine.

Let me tell you, even though the sun was way too hot for my haven’t-been-in-the-sun-for-2-years skin, the T felt light and airy and the painting could not have been any more appropriate. Soon after we started our holiday I have taken a liking to Pina Coladas so when we went past a place where they had Coconut water, we just had to shoot the two ingredients for the Pina Colada- coconut and pineapple <3

Maya K is a smaller brand at the moment and she paints all the T-shirts herself, but I have a feeling that very soon you’ll see more and more of her designs because honestly, they are just so easy to wear. These are pieces that will be loved also by the very casual person and by the one that is bored by mass-produced items.

Enough of me blabbering about, I will let the pictures do the talking and I will link her Instagram below, so that you can keep a close eye on her designs not just the Pineapple one, even though it’s simply yummi, because she comes up with new one quite often.

Let me know if you knew about Maya K before or if you heard of any other person who paints on items of clothing, I’m really into this kind of thing at the moment.

Tropical kisses!



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