Miss Casual is changing!

Long time, no see… because of me, of course. I was feeling for some time like we are doing things out of routine without necessarily enjoying them as we used to when we started. So I took a naughty full month off from writing on the blog to think things out. And man, that’s exactly what we did.

For the longest time I was stuck in the habit of posting daily on Instagram. That is something that we’ll not do anymore. You can still expect to see 2 to 3 posts per week, but better thought out. I need more time to put more soul in them and you know what they say – quality over quantity. Also, you might have noticed that we started toying with the idea of doing videos. That is something that we enjoy tremendously and who knows – maybe I will get over the fear of talking to the camera and actually do it!

The truth about Miss Casual

Now, for the moment of truth. I would be very curious if you don’t know me, what is the impression that you have of me only from what you see on social media. Do you think that Miss Casual is something that I do full time? Because it certainly is not:D

Both Paul and I work 5 days a week – the jobs that pay the rent and everything you see is done in those 2 days off a week. And that is exactly what I want to focus on. What can an absolutely regular person do in those 2 days off?

For the longest time I was tempted to work even harder on those 2 days off, but then so many questions arose: when am I just enjoying life, when do I enjoy the company of my partner (without him being behind the camera)? So that very productive work-wise period has left me longing for a simpler life. I want to feel like I am resting, I want to travel, I want to make videos and actually have the time to edit them with a beer in my hand, not right before I go to work.

Buckle up, enjoy the ride

I was a strong advocate of working in your free time for the life that you want to have in a few years. I always said work smart, not hard…but 2 years later, it all back-fired – I was not working smart. As much as I wanted it to be a marathon, I was reacting as if it was a sprint. I felt like I lost myself and that I was starting to lose the passion that I had for Miss Casual.

So my new solution is so obvious that you probably figured it out a long time ago: enjoy the ride, not just the destination. While we are still thinking things out so change is probably still to come, ever since I took the decision to take it slower and enjoy it more, I feel much more motivated.

What can you expect from Miss Casual?

First thing that comes to my mind are videos. I want to make more of those and actually, the moment I make this post public, I will post a video to Instagram as well. We are going to share more of those 2 days off every week and within our possibilities, travel as much as we can. You will still see personal style content, of course – that is still the main theme of Miss Casual, but put more in a lifestyle context.

I promised that I will be dancing more. If that is something that you are excited to see, head to my Instagram – the video that I mentioned before is a dance one. A complete improvisation, shot in one on the most windy pier – Southend-on-Sea.

When it comes to the blog, I will set a very modest goal for myself – to post once a week. However, I will keep an open mind and in case something comes up that is so exciting that I can’t keep it for myself or an Insta Story, you will definitely see it here.

That being said, buckle up and let’s enjoy the ride together!


miss casual / blog post / summer outfit / chelsea / london / asos dress

miss casual / blog post / summer outfit / chelsea / london / asos dress
miss casual / blog post / summer outfit / chelsea / london / asos dress
miss casual / blog post / summer outfit / chelsea / london / white outfit
miss casual / blog post / summer outfit / chelsea / london / white outfit
miss casual / blog post / summer outfit / chelsea / london / white outfit

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