Monthly round-up – car edition

I am the kind of person who doesn’t know how to talk about her problems. Didn’t know. Well, I am forcing myself to talk about them because at the end of the day, they are part of life as well. If you are starting to frown, relax those eyebrows, this monthly round-up isn’t going to be depressing, I promise! That is also because I kind of cheated when it comes to this car issue, because I waited for us to solve the problem before telling you about it.

For everything to make sense, I need to give you some background info about Paul. I have actually checked with him whether he is comfortable with me sharing more about both our personal lives and especially in this situation, his work life.

Background info

Paul has started working for Uber in September last year and because our car only had two doors (aka much, much more affordable than one with 4 doors) it was not appropriate for Uber-ing. I already know that WordPress will want to correct “Uber-ing” but I won’t, because it makes sense to me. So because of this (2 doors), we had to hire a car that was accepted by TFL (Transport for London).

Needless to say that a big part of his earnings went on the rental because you’re not only paying for the car, but for any unpredictable issues you might come across. To be frank, you are overpaying in case you have an accident.

To sell, to buy?

It was clear that we didn’t need two cars and it was even clearer that it’s not worth doing Uber on a rental. The only option was to sell our own car and buy one that we could use both for Uber and personal trips. Easier said than done! It took me a few seconds to write about it, but it took us a few months to actually do it.

Finally in March we were able to sell our own car and started looking for the Uber-appropriate one. I can not emphasise enough how time-consuming this is. How many times did the car that we wanted sell right from under our noses. One time it was as literal as it gets!

We had an appointment that we got to 1 hours early, just in case. It’s only that the “just in case” happened despite our precautions. When we arrived, we saw somebody test-driving it and by the time we got to park the car and got inside to speak to an agent, it was sold! Literally from under our noses! I imagine that buying a house will make buying a car seem like child’s play, but we are not there yet.

The starts have finally aligned…but did they?

It was the 14th of April when we finally found the one! Now, you might be wondering – how come did you not read about this in the April monthly round-up? That would be because we took it for our second ride ever (the first one being from the car dealer, home) when the Emissions light came up in the dashboard. I, of course, did not know what that is, Paul knew a bit more so just to be thoroughly informed, we decided to consult the technical book.

To explain it in a simple manner (not because I knew how to get into technical terms) there was either a problem with the engine or one with the sensor. Keep in mind that we have just bought this car and we took it for our second ride when an issue already came up. I didn’t know how serious it was, but even the calmest person (which I’m not), would go bonkers and paranoid when the technical book says something along the lines: Refrain from driving the vehicle, it might cause serious damage to the engine. Contact a garage immediately!…Bonkers

The light at the end of the tunnel

After endless emails, two garage trips – 17 errors later, I am happy to (finally) say that this is actually like a fairy tale – all’s well when it ends well. We had a hell of a ride – pun intended – but finally, at the end of June our new car is on the roads Uber-ing.

I know I usually make a more general monthly round-up of everything that has happened, but our car issue is something that I have challenged myself to share with you so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve picked a subject and that I went in depth with it.

P.S. If you have Paul as a driver (and you like his driving), first say “hi” from me and then rate him nicely:)

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monthly round-up  car issue / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual
monthly round-up  car issue / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual
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monthly round-up  car issue / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual

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